25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Computational Methods for Artificial Organ Development I
Minisymposium organized by Simon J. Sonntag, Tim A.S. Kaufmann and Ulrich Steinseifer
Room: Mare Nostrum D
Chair: Simon Sonntag
CoChair: Tim Kaufmann
A Model approach to understand blood clotting dynamics
Jevgenija Pavlova, Antonio Fasano, Joao Janela and Adelia Sequeira

Two different methods for determination of blood flow stagnation regions in the PAVD - comparative studies
Damian Obidowski, Piotr Reorowicz, Przemyslaw Klosinski and Krzysztof Jozwik

Integrating in vitro experiments, animal studies, and computational simulations to predict thrombus formation in ventricular assist devices
Keefe B. Manning, Stephen R. Topper, Steven Deutsch, Christopher A. Siedlecki, Eric G. Paterson and Gerson Rosenberg

Towards the use of large-eddy simulations for the prediction of the blood flow in artificial organs
Simon Mendez, Christophe Chnafa and Franck Nicoud

Particle image velocimetry for validation of aneurysm blood flow simulations – comparison of planar and stereo technique
Christoph Roloff, Philipp Berg, Gabor Janiga and Dominique Thévenin

Validation of a numerical approach to simulate color Doppler imaging of mitral regurgitation jets
Simon J. Sonntag, Wei Li, Michael Becker, Wiebke Kaestner, Martin R. Büsen, Nikolaus Marx, Dorit Merhof and Ulrich Steinseifer