22/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Coupling Full-Field Measurements and Computations: Material Characterisation and Model Identification I
Minisymposium organized by Roberto Fedele, François Hild and Julien Réthoré
Room: Business Centre I
Chair: Roberto Fedele
CoChair: Jean-Charles Passieux
A domain decomposition approach for digital image correlation based identification of local elastic parameters
Gilles Lubineau, Ali Moussawi, Jiangping Xu and Renaud Gras

Multiscale FE digital image correlation and material parameter identification
Jean-Charles Passieux, Florian Bugarin, Jean-Noël Périé, Laurent Robert and Christoph David

3D elliptical crack depth estimation from 2D surface displacement observation
Pierre Pineau, Julien Réthoré, Marie-Christine Baietto and Marion Fregonese

Characterization of CFC/Cu joints by full-field measurements and finite elements
Roberto Fedele, Valentina Casalegno and Monica Ferraris

Identification of crystal plasticity law parameters using kinematic measurements in polycrystals
Adrien Guery, Félix Latourte, François Hild and Stéphane Roux

Elasto-plastic parameter identification through finite element model updating
Pierre Baudoin, Jean-François Witz, Vincent Magnier, Ahmed El Bartali, Philippe Dufrenoy and Eric Charkaluk

Strain reconstruction from stereo DIC measurements based on space-time diffuse approximation
Pierre Feissel, Issyan Tekaya, Nicolas Tableau, Zoheir Aboura and Pierre Villon