21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Advanced Beam Models I
Minisymposium organized by Dinar Camotim, Zuzana Dimitrovova and Rodrigo Gonçalves
Room: Yasmin B
Chair: Zuzana Dimitrovová
CoChair: Rodrigo Gonçalves
GBT linear buckling analysis of channel columns with multiple perforations
Miquel Casafont, Jordi Bonada, Maria M. Pastor and Francesc Roure

Influence of the GBT deformation modes for a rack section in linear and linear buckling analysis
Jordi Bonada, Miquel Casafont, Francesc Roure and Maria M. Pastor

A general model for the nonlinear analysis of beams including the effects of section distortions
Alessandra Genoese, Andrea Genoese, Antonio Bilotta and Giovanni Garcea

Direct procedure for the determination of conventional modes within the GBT approach
Giuseppe Piccardo, Gianluca Ranzi and Angelo Luongo

Non-linear analysis of steel-concrete beams using Generalized Beam Theory
David Henriques, Rodrigo Gonçalves and Dinar Camotim

A mixed finite element for generalized beam theory
Stefano de Miranda, Antonio Madeo, Domenico Melchionda and Francesco Ubertini