21/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Aerodynamical Global Optimized Shapes of Flying Configurations, Compared and Inspired from Gliding Birds I
Minisymposium organized by Adriana Nastase
Room: Business Centre II
Chair: Catalin Nae
CoChair: Adriana Nastase
Aerodynamic analysis and optimization of 2D airfoil shapes represented by NURBS formulation
Wanghyun Kim, Jong-Soo Choi and Byougnsoo Kim

Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of an Optimized Conceptual Active Smart Wing
Catalin Nae

Multi-point aerodynamic optimization of a flexible transport aircraft wing using an aeroelastic adjoint method
Antoine Dumont and Gérald Carrier

Winglets – Multiobjective optimization of aerodynamic shapes
Sohail R. Reddy, Helmut Sobieczky, Abas Abdoli and George S. Dulikravich

Design and aerodynamic characteristics of solar UAV
Juki Kawai, Wail Harasani, Nobuyuki Arai, Kota Fukuda and Katsumi Hiraoka

Comparison of Global Optimized Shapes of Flying Configurations with those of Gliding Birds
Adriana Nastase