XII Jornadas Españolas de Presas - SPANCOLD 2021


Important Dates

Important Dates
Pre-Registration Opening 04/05/2020
Call for abstracts 15/06/2020
Deadline for receipt of abstracts 09/10/2020
Notification of accepted abstracts 20/11/2020
Poster request 20/11/2020
Deadline for receipt of communications 03/03/2021
Deadline for registration at a reduced rate NEW 23/07/2021
Notification of acceptance of communications and selection of communications for oral presentations NEW 26/05/2021
Deadline for receipt of posters NEW 23/07/2021
Notification of Poster Acceptance NEW 30/07/2021
Final program of the Jornadas Españolas de Presas (Spanish Dams Conference) NEW 13/07/2021
Deadline for reception of posters and presentations NEW 15/09/2021
Celebration of the JEPs NEW 27/09/2021 - 01/10/2021