23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Transition Modeling and Prediction in CFD Solvers with Focus on Practical Applications I
Minisymposium organized by Andreas Krumbein, Cornelia Grabe, Jean Perraud and Hugues Deniau
Room: Sala B1
Chair: Andreas Krumbein
CoChair: Jean Perraud
Overview of transition prediction tools in elsA software
Jean Perraud, Hugues Deniau and Grégoire Casalis

Automatic prediction of laminar/turbulent transition in an unstructured finite element Navier-Stokes solver.
Raphaël Gross, Jean-Claude Courty, Dac Tran, Daniel Arnal and Olivier Vermeersch

Transition prediction and implementation in RANS solvers
Donato de Rosa, Carmine Vassallo, Carlo De Nicola and Raffaele S. Donelli

Assessment of laminar-turbulent transition modelling for rotating wing applications
François Richez, Lionel Castillon, Julien Marty, Michel Costes, Xavier de Saint-Victor and Patrick Gardarein

Flutter prediction in the transonic flight regime with the γ-REθ transition model
Michael Fehrs, Anna C.L.M. van Rooij and Jens Nitzsche

Plate cooling design by means of CFD analysis
Pasquale Natale, Daniele Ricci, Manrico Fragiacomo and Francesco Battista