21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Multi-scale and Multi-physics Computations in Fluids and Solids I
Minisymposium organized by Yozo Mikata and Glaucio Paulino
Room: Sala E3
Chair: Yozo Mikata
CoChair: Seiichi Nomura
Peridynamic Modeling on Wave Propagation and Dispersion Curves - Analytical Study
Yozo Mikata

Micromechanics for multiple inclusion problems
Seiichi Nomura

Coupling of fuel perfomance and neutronic codes for PWR
Katherine Mer-Nkonga, Nicolas Crouzet, Jean-Charles Le Pallec, Bruno Michel, Didier Schneider and Alexandre Targa

A multiscale mass scaling approach for accelerating explicit dynamics computations using proper orthogonal decomposition
Gabriel de Frias, Wilkins Aquino, Kendall Pierson and Martin Heinstein

Numerical Simulation of Hydrogene Ignition in Channels at Supersonic Speeds
Igor A. Bedarev, Natalya N. Fedorova, Aleksandr A. Fedorov and Yulia V. Zhakharova