23/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Industrial Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Related Techniques VI
Room: Ponent 1
Chair: Luis Ramirez
Enhanced growth of single- and multi-crystalline semiconductors using pulsed travelling magnetic fields
Natasha Dropka and Christiane Frank-Rotsch

Effect of rotor-rotor interactions in aerodynamic performance of multi-rotor air vehicle
Jae Hyun Yun and Jongsoo Lee

Influence of closure system and volume on auditorium thermal and acoustic performance
Rovadávia A.J. Ribas, Josimar J. Adriano, Henor A. Souza and Luiz Joaquim C. Rocha

Modeling the polymer conversion dependent viscosity change in the production of themoplastic materials
Jozsef Nagy, Michael Fischlschweiger, Lorenz Reith and Georg Steinbichler

Shaping of aircraft and helicopter configurations with CAD
Arno Ronzheimer

Numerical study of the influence of the oil mist particle sizes used in MQL by internal canalizations on a surfacing operation
Arnaud Duchosal, Roger Serra and René Leroy