21/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Thermomechanical Coupling in Fluids, Structures and Fluid-Structure-Interaction I
Minisymposium organized by Philipp Birken, Wagner C. Fleming Petri, Detlef Kuhl and Andreas Meister
Room: Sala de Reservas
Chair: Philipp Birken
CoChair: Detlef Kuhl
Fast solvers for time dependent thermal fluid-structure interaction
Philipp Birken, Tobias Gleim, Detlef Kuhl and Andreas Meister

A parametric-CFD study for heat transfer and fluid flow in a rotor-stator system
Alireza Rasekh, Peter Sergeant and Jan Vierendeels

Thermal-Mechanical Coupled FSI-Analysis of Rocket Thrust Chambers with Multiple Load Cycles
Matthias Haupt, Daniel Kowollik and Klemens Lindhorst

Acceleration of strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction with manifold mapping
David S. Blom, Alexander H. van Zuijlen and Hester Bijl

A monolithic approach applied to thermo-mechanically and electro-thermo-mechanically coupled problems
Stefan Hartmann, Steffen Rothe and Jan Henrik Schmidt

Higher order accurate discontinuous p-Galerkin methods for linear electro-thermal analysis
Tobias Gleim, Bettina Schröder and Detlef Kuhl

Thermodynamically consistent time integrators for thermo-elastic systems with heat conduction
Pablo Mata A. and Adrian J. Lew