22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Industrial Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Related Techniques IV
Room: Ponent 1
Chair: Raquel Taboada-Vázquez
An investigation of the performance of adaptive IIR filters for active noise control in one-dimensional systems
Allahyar Montazeri and Jalal Behrouzfar

Rapidity and maneuverability optimization analysis of submersible vehicle based on particle swarm optimization
Wei Zifan, Yu Qiang and Yang Songlin

Directional fluid-structure interactions and automated database-assisted design for wind
Emil Simiu and DongHun Yeo

The investigation of the rotationally oscillating plate’s flow field and its three-dimensional numerical simulation
Ying Sun, Qiu Jin, Zhenggang Cao and Hongyuan Mei

An investigation of cooling characteristics in air-mist cooling by Eulerian-Lagrangian Method with V2F model
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Kakeru Yoshino and Takuya Kuwahara

CFD study of a CO2 ejector performance installed in large cooling systems working at different ambient conditions
Jacek Smolka, Michal Palacz, Zbigniew Bulinski, Krzysztof Banasiak, Andrzej J. Nowak, Adam Fic and Armin Hafner