23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Industrial Applications of Computational Solid Mechanics and Related Techniques II
Room: Ponent 2
Chair: Antonio Rodriguez-Ferran
BLC derivation of a stuffed whipple shield based on numerical simulations
Byung Jin Son, Jeonghoon Yoo and Minhyung Lee

Computational modelling of thin film Runoff and evaporation on surfaces
Martin Martin, Thijs Defraeye, Dominique Derome and Jan Carmeliet

Friction model in equal channel angular extrusion subjected to back pressure
Vinícius Aguiar de Souza, Ikumu Watanabe and Akira Yanagida

Shape optimization with Gene algorithm in the design of stretchable electronics
Ming Li, Zhan Kang and Tengfei Zhao

A novel Rotary Magnetorheological Fluid Damper for wearable rehabilitation robot
Gao Yongsheng, Sun Xiaoying, Fan Jizhuang, Zhu Yanhe and Liu Gangfeng

Identification of low-contrast inclusions in poroelastic materials
Joaquín Mura