24/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Semi-Plenary Lectures VIII
Room: Sala H 3 + J
Chair: Olivier Allix
CoChair: Wing Kam Liu
A first order conservation law framework for computational solid dynamics
Javier Bonet, Antonio J. Gil, Chun Hean Lee and Miquel Aguirre

An oscillation limiting and flux conserving meshfree formulation for shock modeling
J. S. Chen, Michael J. Roth, Thomas R. Slawson and Kent T. Danielson

Computational Vademecums for real time simulation, optimization and control of structures, materials and processes
Francisco Chinesta, Adrien Leygue, Felipe Bordeu, Jose V. Aguado, Elías Cueto, David Gonzalez, Icíar Alfaro, Amine Ammar and Antonio Huerta