22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Practical Aspects of Advanced CFD Simulations on Emerging Multi- and Manycore Systems II
Minisymposium organized by Dominik Göddeke and Matthias Möller
Room: Sala E5
Chair: Matthias Möller
Flux vector splitting methods for the Euler equations on 3D unstructured meshes for CPU/GPU clusters
Manfred Liebmann and Zoltán Horváth

Edge-based solvers for the compressible Euler equations on multicores and GPUs
Matthias Möller

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flows with parallel algorithms for various computing architectures
Andrey Gorobets, F. Xavier Trias, Ricard Borrell , Guillermo Oyarzún and Assensi Oliva

Direct numerical simulation of the turbulent mixing in Richtmyer Meshkov instability
Han Liu and Zuoli Xiao

Cut-cell method: Application to water waves generated by a submerged obstacle
Julien Dambrine, Nicolas James and Germain Rousseaux

A parallel second-order cut-cell method: Validation and simulation at moderate Reynolds numbers
Francois Bouchon, Thierry Dubois and Nicolas James