21/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Advanced Numerical Methods for Cavitating Flows III
Minisymposium organized by Nikolaus Adams, Steffen Schmidt and Eric Johnsen
Room: Sala D3
Chair: Steffen J. Schmidt
Eddy vorticity in cavitating tip vortices modelled by different turbulence models using the RANS approach
Tuomas Sipilä, Antonio Sánchez-Caja and Timo Siikonen

Numerical investigations of flows around turbopump inducer in cryogenic cavitating conditions
Daeho Min, Hyeongjun Kim and Chongam Kim

Numerical issues in higher-order accurate simulations of flows with vortex cavitation
Faraz Khatami, Edwin van der Weide and Harry Hoeijmakers

Cavitation and evaporation in metals under the action of ultra-short intensive irradiation
Polina N. Mayer and Alexander E. Mayer

An investigation of the performance of a positive displacement reciprocating pump at low pressure NPSH incorporating a three phase cavitation model
Aldo Iannetti, Matthew T. Stickland and William M. Dempster