24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Biomechanics of Injury and Trauma I
Minisymposium organized by Siddiq M. Qidwai, Ciaran Simms and Svein Kleiven
Room: Llevant
Chair: Svein Kleiven
CoChair: Nithyanand Kota
Multiscale modeling of blast induced traumatic brain injury: from whole body responses to brain microdamage (Keynote Lecture)
Raj Gupta and Andrzej J. Przekwas

On the use of mechanical variables for brain injury prediction
Siddiq M. Qidwai, Nithyanand Kota and Amit Bagchi

Numerical models for investigation of blast wave traumatic brain injury and model validations
X.G. Tan, Andrzej J. Przekwas and Andrew C. Merkle

A study on the influence of directionality on blast-induced brain injury
Hesam Sarvghad Moghadam, Asghar Rezaei, Mehdi Salimi Jazi, Ghodrat Karami and Mariusz Ziejewski

Towards a micromechanics-based simulation of calcaneus fracture and fragmentation due to impact loading
Rebecca A. Fielding, Reuben H. Kraft, Timothy M. Ryan and Timothy D. Stecko

Investigation of a local absorption energy criterion for skull impacts through subject specific finite element head modeling
Dries De Kegel, Aida G. Monea, Nele Famaey and Jos Vander Sloten