23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Modelling of Damage in Heterogeneous Microstructures II
Minisymposium organized by Ingo Scheider and Siegfried Schmauder
Room: Sala E1
Chair: Ingo Scheider
Application of analysis on graphs to site-bond models for damage evolution in heterogeneous materials
Andrey P. Jivkov, Todor S. Todorov, Craig N. Morrison and Mingzhong Zhang

A model to represent ductile fracture at low stress triaxiality
Trong-Son Cao, Matthieu Mazière and Jacques Besson

Crack-particle interactions in heterogeneous materials
Sathiskumar Anusuya Ponnusami and Sergio Turteltaub

Meso-mechanically informed damage-healing and plasticity of cosserat continuum for granular materials
Xikui Li, Youyao Du and Qinglin Duan

Mechanical response of aluminum/polyimide stretchable units: A cohesive zone model approach
Riccardo Lucchini, Emanuele Cattarinuzzi, Dario Gastaldi and Pasquale Vena

A Micromechanics-Based Damage Diagnostic Model for Composite Materials
Khalid M. Shalan, Mohamed E. Abdel-Meguid, Tarek M. Hatem and Yehia A. Bahei-El-Din