24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
CFD for Wind and Tidal Offshore Turbines II
Minisymposium organized by Adeline de Montlaur and Esteban Ferrer
Room: Sala C1
Chair: Esteban Ferrer
Vertical-axis wind turbine start-up modelled with a high-order numerical solver
John Rainbird, Esteban Ferrer, Joaquim Peiro and Mike Graham

Numerical simulation of wave loading on static offshore structures
Hrvoje Jasak, Inno Gatin and Vuko Vukcevic

Numerical simulation of a vertical axis tidal turbine using immersed boundary method
Pablo Ouro Barba and Thorsten Stoesser

A comparison of panel method and RANS calculations for a horizontal axis marine current turbine
Joao Baltazar and José Falcão de Campos

The physics of starting process for vertical axis wind turbines
Horia Dumitrescu, Vladimir Cardos and Ion Malael