23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Innovative Numerical Approaches for Multi-physics Problems III
Minisymposium organized by Anna Pandolfi, Laurent Stainier and Kerstin Weinberg
Room: Sala de prensa I
Chair: Anna Pandolfi
Stable mesh transfer for parallel multi-physics simulations
Rolf Krause, Thomas Dickop and Patrick Zulian

Fundamental investigation on thermoacoustic phenomena inside narrow tube by CFD
Daichi Terayama, Kota Fukuda, Shun Takahashi and Shinya Hasegawa

Numerical multiphysics simulation for localized galvanic corrosion problems
Koichi Masuya, Yuki Onishi and Kenji Amaya

Optimisation of the position of the material points in the maximum entropy interpolation
Mathieu Foca and Laurent Stainier

Nonlocal regularization for loss of ellipticity in inelastic problems
Alejandro Mota, James W. Foulk III and Jakob T. Ostien

Experimental study for verification computational modeling of operation of the conductive MHD centrifugal pump
Savelii Katsnelson and Georgiy A. Pozdnyakov