25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Computational Multiscale Methods for Tissue Biomechanics III
Minisymposium organized by Michele Marino, Ginu U. Unnikrishnan and Giuseppe Vairo
Room: Mare Nostrum A
Chair: Giuseppe Vairo
CoChair: Dimitrije Stamenovic
Mechano-regulation of bone remodeling and the topology of osteocyte networks (Keynote Lecture)
Felix Repp, Philip Kollmannsberger, Andreas Roschger, Paul Roschger, Wolfgang Wagermaier, Peter Fratzl and Richard Weinkamer

MicroCT-based fracture risk assessment in ceramic bone tissue engineering constructs: intravoxel micromechanics for large-scale FE simulations
Alexander Dejaco, Christian Hellmich, Vladimir Komlev, Jakub Jaroszewicz and Wojciech Swieszkowski

Proximal femur biomechanics in daily activities: A two-scale computational study
Fulvia Taddei, Ilaria Palmadori, Markus O. Heller, William R. Taylor and Enrico Schileo

Identification of mechanical properties of tin basing on experimental and numerical nanoindentation test and < i>in situ SEM microtension test
Magdalena Kopernik and Andrzej Milenin

Tissue/material properties of enzymatically-degenerated articular cartilage evaluated by using viscoelastic model considering depth-dependent microstructure
Takako Osawa, Takeshi Matsumoto, Hisashi Naito and Masao Tanaka