21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Gas Particles Modeling and Simulation I
Minisymposium organized by Jesús M. Blanco, Lakhdar Remaki and Abdelkader Baggag
Room: Tramuntana 1
Chair: Jesús María Blanco
CoChair: Lakhdar Remaki
Gas-particle model for objects rigid motion in fluids (Keynote Lecture)
Lakhdar Remaki, Imanol G. de Beristain and Jesús M. Blanco

Influence of mixing and cooling on aerosol formation and evolution in backward-facing step flow
Arkadiusz K. Kuczaj, Markus Nordlund, Edo M.A. Frederix and Bernard J. Geurts

Large Eddy Simulation of evaporating spray using unstructured meshing
Jordi Muela, Jordi Ventosa-Molina, Oriol Lehmkuhl, Carles D. Pérez-Segarra and Assensi Oliva

Modelling laminar multiphase dispersed flows using population balances in an adaptive mesh finite element framework
Gaurav Bhutani, Pablo R. Brito-Parada, Kathryn Hadler and Jan J. Cilliers

A numerical comparison of a hydraulic cavitation bubble and a laser-induced bubble
Juan S. Cardona and Manuel J. Garcia

Identification of defects originated during the filling of cast pieces through particles modeling
Jesús M. Blanco, Primitivo Carranza, Rafael Pintos, Pedro Arriaga and Remaki Lakhdar