24/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Computational Multiscale Methods for Tissue Biomechanics I
Minisymposium organized by Michele Marino, Ginu U. Unnikrishnan and Giuseppe Vairo
Room: Mare Nostrum A
Chair: Michele Marino
CoChair: Richard Weinkamer
Development of toughness exhaustion models for vascular tissue rupture (Keynote Lecture)
Rosaire Mongrain, Nastaran Shahmansouri, Jean-Claude Tardif and Raymond Cartier

A computational approach for in situ estimation of aortic valve interstitial cell mechanical state from tissue level measurements
Rachel M. Buchanan, Robert J. Fagan and Michael S. Sacks

Electromechanical model of human atrial tissue using the discrete element method
Paul Brocklehurst, Henggui Zhang, Dongmin Yang and Jianqiao Ye

Including residual stress and initial strain in an asymmetric model of the aortic root
Vittoria Flamini, Abe DeAnda and Boyce E. Griffith

A multi-layered model for the analysis of drug release in eluting stents
Michele d‘Errico, Paolo Sammarco and Giuseppe Vairo

Evaluation of biaxial mechanical properties of medial lamellae of aortic wall using multiscale modeling
Hadi Taghizadeh GJ, Mohammad Tafazzoli-Shadpour, Nasser Fatouraee, Mohammad Behgam Shadmehr and Farahnaz Sadegh Beigee