24/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Computational Mechanics of Cells, Tissues, and Biomaterials I
Minisymposium organized by Amir A. Zadpoor, Fred Vermolen, Liesbet Geris, Hanna Isaksson and Pasquale Vena
Room: Mare Nostrum F
Chair: Amir A. Zadpoor
CoChair: Pasquale Vena
Application of fractional partial differential equations to wound healing modelling
Etelvina Javierre

Influence of the stress state on in vitro tissue growth - Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Mechano-Physiological Processes
Paola Causin, Chiara Lelli and Riccardo Sacco

Remodeling simulation for prediction of morphological changes in bone cysts in cancellous bone of osteoarthritis of the hip
Daisuke Tawara, Hiroyuki Kogita, Ken Nagura, Tetsuya Tsujikami, Hiroyuki Ike and Yutaka Inaba

Micromechanical modelling of bone marrow: Understanding the in vivo mechanical environment of mesenchymal stem cells
Ted J. Vaughan, Muriel Voisin, Glen L. Niebur and Laoise M. McNamara

Free boundary instabilities in growing bacterial colonies
Chiara Giverso, Marco Verani and Pasquale Ciarletta

3D modeling of shear stress development during neotissue growth in a perfusion bioreactor
Yann Guyot, Ioannis Papantoniou, Jan Schrooten and Liesbet Geris