23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
STS 05: Transition Location Effect on Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
Computational investigations on correlation between laminar-turbulent-transition location and buffet onset
Katarzyna Surmacz, Wieńczysław Stalewski and Janusz Sznajder

Effect of the transition location on a shock-boundary layer interaction
Lionel Larchevêque

DNS and stability analysis of a transitional shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction at M = 1.5
Andrea Sansica, N. D. Sandham and Z. Hu

Transition location effects on a supercritical airfoil
Damien Szubert, F. Grossi, Yannick Hoarau and Marianna Braza

Application of EARSM turbulence model to shock boundary layer interaction with laminar to turbulent transition
Benoit Tartinville, Guy Garbin and Charles Hirsch

Implicit CFD method for transitional shock wave – Boundary layer interaction
G. Zografakis and George N. Barakos