23/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Chemical Degradation Processes in Concrete Materials
Minisymposium organized by Carmelo E. Majorana and Kaspar J. Willam
Room: Sala de Reservas
Chair: Carmelo Majorana
Structural analysis of frost damaged constructions by means of a coupled environmental-mechanical damage model
Luisa Berto, Anna Saetta, Diego A. Talledo and Renato Vitaliani

Mesoscale modelling of concrete material with polypropylene fibres inclusion under high temperature
Gianluca Mazzucco, Valentina A. Salomoni and Carmelo Majorana

Numerical modeling of the corrosion effects on reinforced concrete beams
Irene B.N. Finozzi, Luisa Berto, Anna Saetta and Harald Budelmann

Multiscale Evaluation of Concrete Degradation due to Alkali Silica Reaction
Giovanna Xotta, Kaspar Willam, Masoud Dehghani and Shahriyar Beizaee

Numerical Simulation of Non-Uniform Corrosion States in Rebars under Natural Chloride Environment
S Muthulingam and B.N. Rao