22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Advances in Computational Models for Vertebrate Structures in Biology and Palaeontology I
Minisymposium organized by Jordi Marcé-Nogué, Josep Fortuny and LLuís Gil
Room: Sala D3
Chair: Jordi Marcé-Nogué
CoChair: Josep Fortuny
Computational mechanics sheds new light on the paleobiology of early tetrapods
Josep Fortuny, Jordi Marcé-Nogué, Lluís Gil, Montserrat Sanchez and Àngel Galobart

The seahorse tail as inspiration for serially articulated systems
Celine Neutens, Tomas Praet, Matthieu De Beule, Manuel Dierick and Dominique Adriaens

New method to validate FEA on palaeobiological modeling
Alejandro Perez-Ramos, Miquel De Renzi and Josep Fortuny

Quantitative interpretation of tracks for determination of body mass using finite element analysis
Tom Schanz, Hanna Viefhaus and Long Nguyen-Tuan

Advances in methodologies and metrics for comparison of biological computational models
Christian Escrig, Soledad de Esteban-Trivigno, Lluís Gil, Daniel DeMiguel, Josep Fortuny and Jordi Marcé-Nogué

Flexible multibody approach in application to the feeding mechanism in vertebrate structures
Jordi Marcé-Nogué and Adam Klodowski