22/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Methods in Fluid-structure Interactions, Dynamics and Vibration, Vibroacoustics - A Minisymposium in Honor of Prof. Roger Ohayon V
Minisymposium organized by Christian Soize
Room: Yasmin A
Chair: Hermann G. Matthies
CoChair: Christian Soize
Cell and nanoparticle transport in tumor microvasculature and its uncertainty quantification (Keynote Lecture)
Wing Kam Liu and Ying Li

Homogenization of a fluid structure model for the propagation of sound in the lungs
Paul Cazeaux, Céline Grandmont and Yvon Maday

Partitioned fluid-structure interaction algorithms in haemodynamics
Fabio Nobile and Christian Vergara

Fluid–structure interaction analysis of bioprosthetic heart valves
Ming-Chen Hsu, David Kamensky, Dominik Schillinger, John A. Evans, Yuri Bazilevs, Michael S. Sacks and Thomas J.R. Hughes

A stabilized Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian finite element method for the mixed wave equation with application to diphthong production
Oriol Guasch, Ramon Codina, Marc Arnela and Hector Espinoza

Influence of bending resistance on the dynamics of a capsule in shear flow
Claire Dupont, Anne-Virginie Salsac, Dominique Barthès-Biesel, Marina Vidrascu and Patrick Le Tallec

A three-dimensional semi-analytical model for predicting offshore pile driving noise
Qingpeng Deng, Weikang Jiang, Mingyi Tan and Jing Tang Xing