22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Innovative Fictitious Domain Approaches for High-order Methods and IGA I
Minisymposium organized by Alexander Düster, Ernst Rank and Dominik Schillinger
Room: Sala D6
Chair: Ernst Rank
The spectral cell method for wave propagation analysis of heterogeneous materials (Keynote Lecture)
Alexander Düster, Meysam Joulaian, Sascha Duczek and Ulrich Gabbert

Dynamic analysis of high loaded components, discretized by fictitious domain methods
Vera Nübel, Ali Shadavakhsh, Mohamed Elhaddad, Nils Zander and Stefan Kollmannsberger

The spectral cell method for smart structure applications
Sascha Duczek, Meysam Joulaian, Alexander Düster and Ulrich Gabbert

The finite cell method applied to nonlocal damage mechanics
Maedeh Ranjbar, Mohammad Mashayekhi, Jamshid Parvizian, Alexander Düster and Ernst Rank

A contact formulation based on high order fictitious domain methods
Tino Bog, Nils Zander, Stefan Kollmannsberger and Ernst Rank

Efficient exact integration of NURBS and T-splines within a 3D-Cartesian grid framework
Onofre Marco, Rubén Sevilla, Yongjie Zhang, Manuel Tur and Juan J. Ródenas