21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Computational Biomechanics I
Minisymposium organized by T.Christian Gasser, Miguel Cerrolaza, Ellen Kuhl, Michael Gee, Yomar Gonzalez, Simone Deparis and Thomas Franz
Room: Sala J
Chair: to be confirmed
A computational model of the cervical spine: Application to anterior cervical fusion analysis
Paula C. Fernandes, Joćo Folgado and Paulo R. Fernandes

Biomechanical Evaluation of Optimal Orthodontic Forces on Human Maxillary Teeth
Zhipeng Liao, Junning Chen, Ali M Darendeliler, Michael Swain and Qing Li

The effect of implant position on the stress behavior of mandibular implant retained overdentures
Tolga Topkaya and Murat Solmaz

Strain measurement of shoulder capsule using Finite Element Method
Soo-Won Chae, Haea Lee, Soung-Yon Kim, Sung Bin Im and Minho Chang

Modelling of heterogeneous material properties distribution on example of femur after THA
Antoni John and Mateusz Duda

Optimized patient-specific implants
Michael Roland, Tim Dahmen, Thorsten Tjardes, Robin Otchwemah, Philipp Slusalleck and Stefan Diebels