24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Bio, Nano and Micro Mechanics and Materials II
Minisymposium organized by Zhen Chen, H. Eliot Fang, Luming Shen, Hongwu Zhang and Zhuo Zhuang
Room: Terral
Chair: Zhuo Zhuang
CoChair: Ram Mohan
Molecular dynamics simulation of the rate-dependent nanostructural transition under high pressure (Keynote Lecture)
Zhen Chen, Shan Jiang, Thomas D. Sewell and Yong Gan

Theoretical model for compression collapse of gold particles at submicron scale
Jianqiao Hu, Zhanli Liu, Yinan Cui and Zhuo Zhuang

3D multiphysics FEM modeling of nanosecond pulsed laser interaction with metallic films
Evaggelos Kaselouris, Ioannis K. Nikolos, Yannis Orphanos, Efthimios Bakarezos, Nikolaos Vainos, Nektarios A. Papadogiannis, Michael Tatarakis and Vasilis Dimitriou

Nanomechanics of high performance anodes for sodium-ion battery
Teng Li

A molecular dynamics study on mechanical properties of Bombyx mori silk fibroin
Yuan Cheng and Yong-Wei Zhang

Evaporation of sessile droplets on nanopillared surfaces
Feng-Chao Wang and Heng-An Wu

Homogenized elastic properties of graphene for large deformations
Eduard Marenić, Jurica Sorić and Adnan Ibrahimbegovic