23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Geomechanics II
Minisymposium organized by Kristian Krabbenhoft, Scott Sloan, Dorival Pedroso and Jose Andrade
Room: Sala D1
Chair: Jose Andrade
Incipient motion for non--cohesive sediment ellipsoidal particles by the Discrete Element Method (DEM)
Rafael Bravo, Pablo Ortiz and José L. Pérez-Aparicio

A level set-based granular element method
Keng-Wit Lim, Reid Kawamoto and Jose Andrade

FE-analysis of granular materials based on X-ray CT data
Daiki Takano and Yoshihisa Miyata

Sensitivity analysis of stress states induced by salt structure
Fábio Anderson Fonteles Teófilo, Edgard Poiate Junior, Álvaro Maia da Costa, Luiz Fernando Martha and Deane Roehl

Modelling of fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoirs crossed by sealing faults using finite elements with embedded discontinuities in pressure field
Leila Beserra, Leonardo J.N. Guimarães and Osvaldo Manzoli

A new strategy to simulate particle crushing in DEM analysis
Matteo O. Ciantia, Marcos Arroyo, Antonio Gens and Francesco Calvetti

Investigation of critical factors for Hardin’s relative breakage by discrete element method
Zuoguang Fu, Yuanjie Xu and Xihua Chu