21/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Multiscale Computational Homogenization for Bridging Scales in the Mechanics and Physics of Complex Materials II
Minisymposium organized by Julien Yvonnet, Kenjiro Terada, Peter Wriggers and Marc Geers
Room: Sala H 3
Chair: Kenjiro Terada
CoChair: Varvara Kouznetsova
On the convergence of three iterative FFT-based methods for computing the mechanical response of composite materials
Hervé Moulinec and Fabrice Silva

Multiscale modeling of soft matter friction: Computational framework and elastic boundary layers
İlker Temizer

Multi-scale modelling of delamination through fibrillation
Bart G. Vossen, Piet J.G. Schreurs, Olaf van der Sluis and Marc G.D. Geers

Computational homogenisation of fibre reinforced composites
Chris J. Pearce, Zahur Ullah and Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Statistical multiscale homogenization modelling of polymeric nanocomposites
Maenghyo Cho, Hyunseong Shin, Seongmin Chang, Seunghwa Yang, Suyoung Yu and Byeng D. Youn

Computational modeling of heterogeneous structures without scale separation: an approach based on nonlocal filter-based homogenization
Amen Tognevi, Mohamed Guerich and Julien Yvonnet