21/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Computational Damage and Fracture Mechanics II
Minisymposium organized by Michael Brünig and Larissa Driemeier
Room: Mare Nostrum D
Chair: Michael Brünig
Micro-mechanical modeling of ductile damage and failure taking into account various stress-states
Vanessa Hagenbrock, Steffen Gerke and Michael Brünig

Micro-mechanical numerical analysis of ductile damage under dynamic loading conditions
Steffen Gerke, Kevin Kuhnt and Michael Brünig

A FEM model for prediction of fatigue crack initiation in forged M3:2 tool steel in high cycle fatigue
Ngoc Anh Giang, Utku Ahmet Özden, Alexander Bezold and Christoph Broeckmann

Damage mechanics approach for the analysis of casting materials under thermo-mechanical fatigue
Frank Läangler, Konstantin Naumenko, Holm Altenbach and Mykola Ievdokymov

Boundary element formulations applied to analysis of fracture problems in viscoelastic materials
Hugo L. Oliveira and Edson D. Leonel

Fatigue evaluation based on modified Green’s function approach considering temperature-dependent material properties
Hanok Ko, Myung-Jo Myung-Jo Jhung and Jae-Boong Choi