22/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Numerical Predictions of Detached Flows II
Minisymposium organized by Esteban Ferrer, Eusebio Valero and Vincent Couaillier
Room: Sala D5
Chair: Vincent Couaillier
Discrete sensitivity analysis of a NACA0015 aerofoil
Oliver Browne, Gonzalo Rubio, Esteban Ferrer and Eusebio Valero

Automatic HP adaptation for discontinous Galerkin by means of Ƭ-estimation
Moritz Kompenhans, Gonzalo Rubio, Esteban Ferrer and Eusebio Valero

Goal-oriented mesh adaptation with applications to RANS flows
Andrea Resmini, Jacques Peter and Didier Lucor

Compressibility effects on combined gap/step geometries at rarefied hypersonic flow
Paulo H. M. Leite and Wilson F. N. Santos

Numerical Investigation of Rod Vortex Generators on Hovering Helicopter Rotor Blades
Fernando L. Tejero Embuena, Piotr Doerffer, Pawel Flaszynski and Oskar Szulc

Dynamic decomposition and analysis of a supersonic impinging jet flow
Ander Zarketa, Nagore Álvarez-Saiz, Marta Cordero-Gracia and Esteban Ferrer

Encapsulated formulation of the selective frequency damping method
Bastien E. Jordi, Colin Cotter and Spencer J. Sherwin