21/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Advanced Gridding and Discretization Techniques for Petroleum Reservoir Simulation II
Minisymposium organized by Paulo R.M. Lyra, Darlan K.E. Carvalho, Michael G. Edwards, Clovis R. Maliska and Régis K. Romeu
Room: Sala D4
Chair: Clovis Maliska
CoChair: Darlan Karlo Elisiário de Carvalho
Multiscale methods as spatiotemporal grid-refinement techniques (Keynote Lecture)
Ivan Lunati, Pavel Tomin and Rouven Künze

Multiscale CVD-MPFA finite-volume formulations on general grids
Elliot Parramore and Michael G. Edwards

Development of data models and velocity interpolation methods for streamline trajectories on unstructured grids
Mike J. King

Representing dependent variable discontinuities in hybrid finite-element finite-volume models of hdrocarbon reservoirs: comparisons between element-centered with multiplicated node method for unstructured grids
Stephan K. Matthaei and Roman Manasipov

Hexahedral mixed finite elements for flow calculations
Ibtihel Ben Gharbia, Nabil Birgle, Houman Borouchaki, Jérôme Jaffré, Dominique Moreau and Jean Roberts

Mixed finite element model implementation for a petroleum reservoir simulation
Carlos M. Osorio and Omar D. López