23/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Multiscale Analysis and Design Under Uncertainty I
Minisymposium organized by George Stefanou, Vissarion Papadopoulos, X. Frank Xu and Manolis Papadrakakis
Room: Llevant
Chair: Vissarion Papadopoulos
CoChair: George Stefanou
Multiscale stochastic stress analysis for randomness of fiber arrangement in fiber reinforced composite material (Keynote Lecture)
Sei-ichiro Sakata and Itaru Torigoe

Effective properties of two-phase random media modeled by XFEM
George Stefanou, Dimitris Savvas, Manolis Papadrakakis and George Deodatis

Random tessellation modeling for granular microstructure morphologies
Kirubel Teferra and Lori Graham-Brady

Scale-space based multiscale random field modelling with local pattern matching
Soenke Klostermann, Dietmar Vogt and Otto von Estorff

FE2 multiscale approach of geometrically nonlinear carbon nanotube reinforced composites
George Soimoiris, Vissarion Papadopoulos and Manolis Papadrakakis

Multiscale modelling of carbon nanotube reinforced composites in the framework of a nested solution scheme
Vissarion Papadopoulos and Maria Tavlaki