21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Developing Scientific Research Codes for Effective Utilization of Leading HPC Platforms I
Minisymposium organized by Elias Balaras and Anshu Dubay
Room: Business Centre II
Chair: Elias Balaras
HPC numerical libraries: Successes and next-generation challenges (Keynote Lecture)
Satish Balay, Jed Brown, Matthew Knepley, Lois C. McInnes and Barry F. Smith

The impact of community software in astrophysics
Anshu Dubey , Matthew Turk and Brian O‘Shea

Toward exascale Simulations with the CFD code Nek5000
Dan Henningson, Philipp Schlatter, Adam Peplinski, Stefano Markidis, Michael Schliephake, Erwin Laure, Jing Gong, Alistair Hart, David Henty, Paul Fischer and Katherine Heisey

Developin software frameworks for petascale computations and beyond using dynamic graph approaches - lessons and achievements
Martin Berzins, Alan Humphrey, Qingyu Meng and John Schmidt

Software development and management processes in the NOAA environmental software infrastructure and interoperability (NESII) group
Ryan O‘Kuinghttons and Cecelia DeLuca

Developing a software framework for fluid-structre interaction incompressible flow problems
Marcos Vanella, Elias Balaras and Anshu Dudey