21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Mechanics of Nanostructured Materials I
Minisymposium organized by I-Ling Chang, Takayuki Kitamura, Takahiro Shimada and Chuin-Shan D. Chen
Room: Sala D1
Chair: Takahiro Shimada
CoChair: Nien-Ti Tsou
Breakdown of fracture mechanics in nanoscale components (Keynote Lecture)
Takahiro Shimada, Kenji Ouchi and Takayuki Kitamura

Fracture of two-dimensional structures of silicon molecular dynamics simulation
Sanghyuk Yoo, Soon-Ho Song and Keonwook Kang

Mechanical instability of cubic materials under uniaxial loading
Soon-Dong Park, Duc Tam Ho and Sung Youb Kim

Atomistically informed creep constitutive equation of nanocrystalline metal
Yun-Jiang Wang and Shigenobu Ogata

Modeling of steric hindrance of nanoparticles
Nien-Ti Tsou, Tien-Jung Huang and Chuin-Shan Chen

Surface stress calculations of bio-molecular adsorption on gold-coated micro-cantilever biosensor using molecular dynamics simulation
Crystal Liou, Tzu-Hsuan Huang and Chuin-Shan Chen