21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Simulation of Cardiovascular Procedures and Devices I
Minisymposium organized by Ferdinando Auricchio, Michele Conti, Simone Morganti and Alessandro Veneziani
Room: Sala C2
Chair: Michele Conti
CoChair: Simone Morganti
A virtual test bench for hemodynamic evaluation of aortic cannulation in cardiopulmonary bypass (Keynote Lecture)
Diego Gallo, Marco E. Biancolini, Raffaele Ponzini, Luca Antiga, Giovanna Rizzo, Alberto Audenino and Umberto Morbiducci

Finite element modeling of endovascular treatments
Haithem Babiker, Brian Chong, Fernando Gonzalez, Justin Ryan and David Frakes

Simulation and optimization of a pulsatile ventricular assist device using isogeometric analysis and fluid-structure interaction
Christopher C. Long, Yuri Bazilevs and Alison L. Marsden

Computational prediction of abdominal aortic endografting
David Perrin, Pierre Badel, Stéphane Avril, Jean-Noël Albertini, Laurent Orgéas, Christian Geindreau, Aurélien Dumenil, Cemil Goksu and Atul Gupta

Finite element analysis of bioresorbable coronary stents
Nic Debusschere, Matthieu De Beule, Patrick Segers, Peter Dubruel and Benedict Verhegghe