23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Reinforced Fiber Composites: Analysis and Design I
Minisymposium organized by Pedro V. Marcal, Jeffrey T. Fong and Nobuki Yamagata
Room: Xaloc
Chair: Pedro Marcal
CoChair: Nobuki Yamagata
Modeling and SPH analysis of composite materials
Nobuki Yamagata, Yuzuru Sakai and Pedro V. Marcal

Buckling analysis of grid-stiffened composite shells
Dan Wang and Mostafa Abdalla

Constitutive and computational modelling of the effect of fibre bending resistance in reinforced elastomers
Tomáš Lasota, Svitlana Fedorova and Jiri Bursa

Macro model for 3D fiber reinforced polymer composites
Pedro V. Marcal and Nobuki Yamagata

Three-dimensional image processing applied to the characterization of lightweight mortar reinforced with piassaba fibers
Susana M. Iglesias, Helder C. Almeida, Dany S. Dominguez and Jorge F. L. Santos

Towards fiber bundle models for composite pressure vessels
Jörg B. Multhoff

Two step homogenization approach for modeling the macroscopic material behavior of textile reinforced composites
Dominik Branke, Markus Kästner, Martin Pohl and Volker Ulbricht