23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Modelling of Damage in Heterogeneous Microstructures I
Minisymposium organized by Ingo Scheider and Siegfried Schmauder
Room: Sala E1
Chair: Ingo Scheider
Characterisation of cohesive zone models by micromechanical experiments
Joseph Goldmann and Volker Ulbricht

The role of the microstructural morphology of a multi-phase material on the onset of (ductile) failure identified
Tom W.J. de Geus, Ron H.J. Peerlings and Marc G.D. Geers

Multiscale modelling of damage and failure in a biological hierarchical material.
Ingo Scheider, Swantje Bargmann, Tao Xiao, Ezgi Yilmaz, Gerold Schneider and Norbert Huber

Hierarchical composites with secondary nanoplatelet reinforcement: 3D computational fatigue studies
Gaoming Dai and Leon Mishnaevsky Jr.

Evaluation of ductile fracture in ferrite-pearlite steels by the ellipsoidal void model
Kazutake Komori

Creep deformation and damage in a polycrystalline Copper-Antimony-Alloy
Markus Vöse and Bernard Fedelich