23/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Computational Damage Mechanics of Composite Materials I
Minisymposium organized by Marco Alfano, Gilles Lubineau and Glaucio Paulino
Room: Sala D5
Chair: Marco Alfano
Nanoscale Modeling Of Composites Interface Using Computational Techniques
Yao Li, Jeffrey Hinkley, Kris Weiss and Karl Jacob

Time discretisation method involving fractional operators for hysteretic shear behaviour of fibre-reinforced composites modelling
Modesto Mateos, Jon A. Arakama , Laurent Gornet, Patrick Rozycki and Jon Aurrekoetxea

Low intrusive coupling of implicit and explicit time integration schemes for structural dynamics: Application to low energy impacts on composite structures.
Teddy Chantrait, Johann Rannou and Anthony Gravouil

Thermo-electric simulation of ligthning strike on composite laminates
Johann Rannou and Cédric Huchette

Objective simulation of failure by a synergetic usage of hybrid local/non-local continuum model
Fei Han, Yan Azdoud and Gilles Lubineau

Identification of cohesive models using full field kinematic data: A variance based global sensitivity analysis
Marco Alfano, Gilles Lubineau and Glaucio Paulino