23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Modeling of Fiber-based Structures - Textiles and Textile Reinforced Composites I
Minisymposium organized by Yordan Kyosev, Philippe Boisse and Damien Durville
Room: Sala B2
Chair: Yordan Kyosev
Mechanical model and discretization of thermoplastic composite materials at forming temperatures
Eduardo Guzman Maldonado, Nahiene Hamila, Philippe Boisse and Philippe Chaudet

Woven polymer matrix composites: characterization and modelling of damage at the mesoscale
Christian Fagiano, Aurélien Doitrand, Martin Hirsekorn and Vincent Chiaruttini

Finite element simulation of the mechanical behaviour of wire ropes, comparison with analytical models and experimental tests
Nerea Otaño Aramendi, Damien Durville and Hodei Usabiaga

Quasi-static micro-mechanical representative volume element modeling of dry fiber bundles
Scott E. Stapleton, Lars Appel and Thomas Gries

A new RVE generation procedure for Extended Finite Element simulations of textile-reinforced composites
Bernard Sonon, Badadjida Wintiba and Thierry J. Massart

A meshing technique dedicated to complex woven composite structures
Man Hung Ha, Ludovic Cauvin and Alain Rassineux