24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
STS 07: Application of Hybrid RANS/LES Approaches to Attached and Mildly Separated Flows
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Dieter Schwamborn
Hybrid RANS/LES simulations of multi-element airfoil stall using different flow solvers
Axel Probst, Andrey V. Garbaruk, Dieter Schwamborn, Mikhail Shur and Mikhail Strelets

Application of a synthetic turbulence generator to solution of aerodynamic and aeroacoustic problems with the use of embedded LES
Andrey V. Garbaruk, Michael L. Shur, Philippe R. Spalart, Michael Kh. Strelets and Andrey K. Travin

Implementation of a physically based synthetic turbulence generator for embedded LES approaches
Daniela Gisele François and Rolf Radespiel

Prediction of wall bounded flows by hybrid RANS-LES methods with wall functions
Mikhail S. Gritskevich, Andrey V. Garbaruk and Florian R. Menter

Detached-eddy simulation of NASA-CRM transonic buffet
Keiichi Ishiko, Atsushi Hashimoto, Takashi Aoyama and Kuniyuki Takekawa

Separating flow in a 3D diffuser: comparative assessment of LES, zonal hybrid LES/RANS and URANS methods
Suad Jakirlic, Gisa John-Puthenveettil, Imdat Maden and Robert Maduta

Simulation of turbulent flow around wedge-shaped body with backward step using iddes approach on unstructured mesh
Boris N. Dankov, Alexey P. Duben and Tatiana K. Kozubskaya