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15/9/15    15:00 - 16:40
HUMOV - Biomechanics of human movement
Room: C1
Chair: Josep M. Font-Llagunes
CoChair: Tim Weber

The Musculoskeletal Load Scenario of Computer-Assisted Femur First THR up to One Year after Surgery
T. Weber, T. Renkawitz, J. Grifka, S.K. Bulstra, G. Verkerke and S. Dendorfer

Influence of External Fixator Material in Micromovemens of the Bone Callus
M. F.  Paulino, A. M.  Amaro, L. M.  Roseiro, P. Carvalhais and M. A Neto

How do in Vivo Knee Contact Force Data Affect Calibration of Muscle-Tendon Model Parameter Values?
G. Serrancolí, A. L. Kinney, B. J.  Fregly and J. M. Font-Llagunes

A System to Evaluate the Measurements of the Soles Pressures, an approach to the Mathematical Model
W. Auccahuasi and J.P. Bravo Marcatoma

Effect of Mandible Protection and Visor of the Advanced Combat Helmet on Human Head Response under Blast Loading
M. Rodríguez-Millán, L.B. Tan, K.M. Tse, J.A. Loya, H.P. Lee and M.H. Miguélez

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