Technical Programme

Tuesday, July 12

08:30 - 09:00
Opening Session

09:00 - 09:30
TY Lin Lecture
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Dan Frangopol

Recent development of long-span arch bridges in China
J. L. Zheng, Z. Chen, B. Tu, J. Y. Wang, H. L. Du, D.Y. Qin and D. G. Huang

09:30 - 10:30
Keynote Lectures I
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Jens Sandager Jensen
Co-Chair: Joan Casas

Sustainable Bridge Maintenance through Life Time Extension and Optimization
L.F. Pedersen

The New World Record Breaking Bridge-1915Çanakkale
N. Apaydin

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30
MS3 Part I - Life-Cycle Performance Assessment of Existing Bridges in an Aggressive Environment
organized by Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Dan Frangopol and Hiroshi Matsuzaki
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Upul Attanayake

Causal Evaluation of Fascia Beam Deterioration in a Fleet of PC I-Beam Bridges
A.R.M. Amunugama and U.B. Attanayake

Deep reinforcement learning-based life-cycle management of deteriorating transportation systems
M. Saifullah, C.P. Andriotis, K.G. Papakonstantinou and S.M. Stoffels

Assessing bridge conditions using visual inspection following a risk-based methodology
N. Bertola and E. Brühwiler

Reconstruction of 3D model and performance analysis of high strength steel wire with rust pit
T.Z. Cheng, Y. Pan, Y.Q. Dong and D.L. Wang

Automatic Tiny Crack Inspection on Bridge Surfaces using Attention-based Encoder-decoder Architecture
L.D. Deng, H.C. Chu and W.W. Wang

Development of Self-maintenance Model for small bridges performed by local residents
W.A. Asano and I.I. Iwaki

MS14 Part I - The Submerged Floating Tunnel, a smart infrastructure for waterway crossing
organized by Yiqiang Xiang, H.K Lee, Beatrice Faggiano and Raffaele Landolfo and Luca Martinelli
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Beatrice Faggiano

Construction simulation of submerged floating tunnel
B.M. Jin

Tuned mass damper application for submerged floating tunnel under wave and seismic excitations
C. Jin, S.J. Kim and M.H. Kim

Convolutional neural network-based damage detection of the tethers of submerged floating tunnels using structural response data under various incident waves
S. Min, K. Jeong, Y. Noh, S. Kim and D. Won

Assessment of total hydrodynamic pressure distribution on the Submerged Floating Tunnels
S.J. Kim, C. Jin and M.H. Kim

Simultaneous displacement and cable force estimation for submerged floating tunnel based on strain and acceleration measurements
Z. Ma, J. Choi and H. Sohn

A semi-analytical model for the design and optimization of SFTs under seismic loading
F. Foti, L. Martinelli and F. Perotti

Recent advancements on binary or ternary binders for chloride resistance
S. Kim, H.N. Yoon, J. Seo, J.-H. Bae and H.K. Lee

MS1 - Life-Cycle Redundancy, Robustness and Resilience of Bridges and Infrastructure Networks under Multiple Hazards
organized by Fabio Biondini and Dan Frangopol
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Fabio Biondini
Co-Chair: Michel Ghosn

Failure times of deteriorating RC bridges under uncertainty.
L. Capacci, F. Biondini and D.M. Frangopol

Structural redundancy and robustness analysis of highway bridge superstructures
G.F. Fiorillo and M.G. Ghosn

Redundancy Evaluation of Twin Steel Box Girder Bridges
M.A. Abedin, A.B.M Mehrabi, A.A Azizinamini, M.G. Ghosn, A.S.N Nowak and A.R.B Babu

Eulerian-Lagrangian Simulation of Wave Impact on Coastal Bridges
Arsala Majlesi, Reza Nasouri, David Amory, Arturo Montoya, Ao Du, Adolfo Matamoros and Adnan Shahriar

Reliability assessment of railway bridges under high-speed traffic by considering the track quality and the system randomness
Peng Yuan, You Dong and Dan Frangopol

Robustness evaluation on galloping stability of bridge local structure
J.L. Li, X.Q. Qiao and H.L. Li

MS2 - Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience Assessment of Highway Systems to Extreme Events
organized by Andre Beck, Gustavo H. Siqueira and Luiz Vieira
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Matias Valenzuela
Co-Chair: Daniel Herrera

Probabilistic connectivity assessment of bridge networks under seismic hazard considering the spatial correlation of ground motion-induced damage
K.A. Aoki, M.A. Akiyama, Y.F. Fuse, H.I. Ishibashi and D.M. Frangopol

Impact analysis of asphalt pavement against PC bar protrusion using Applied Element Method
A.D. Bonger, A. Hosoda, H. Salem and T. Fukaya

Framework for Determining the Dominant Hazard of Bridges under Flood and Seismic Hazards
P.F. Firdaus, M.A. Akiyama, H.M. Matsuzaki, D.F Frangopol and H.I. Ishibashi

Probabilistic demand hazard assessment of RC bridges under seismic loading
D. Herrera and D. Tolentino

State of art of GRDR methodology. Cases of study applied in Chile
P. Moraga, M.A. Valenzuela, H. Pinto, L. Jorquera, A. Peña-Fritz, M. Marquez and F. Alvarez

Resonances of highway bridges induced by autonomous truck platooning
T.Y. Ling, W. He, H.B. Wu and L. Deng

SS4 - Vibration-Based Monitoring and Damage Identification For Bridges
organized by Maria Pina Limongelli and Necati Catbas
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Maria Pina Limongelli
Co-Chair: Necati Catbas

Investigation and Comparative Evaluation of a Prestressed Concrete Highway Bridge
A. AlGadi, F. Luleci, M. Debees, C.Z. Dong and F.N. Catbas

An indirect approach for long term monitoring of bridge health
R. Corbally and A. Malekjafarian

A Displacement Measurement Method Based on Special Image Signs
J.C. Liu, Y. Pan, D.L. Wang, Y.P. Ji and Z.T Zhou

The role of curvatures in damage identification
F. Vestroni, A. Pau and J. Ciambella

Subspace identification of bridge frequencies using a traversing vehicle
N. Jin, E. G. Dimitrakopoulos and L. S. Katafygiotis

General Session 3 (Part I) - Evaluation and Assessment TuM6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Riyadh Hindi
Co-Chair: Matias Valenzuela

A mechanistic approach to infer the load capacity of highway bridges with insufficient as-built data
J. S. Spinel Peñuela, J. C. Reyes Ortiz, J. E. Acosta Salinas, N. Garcia Carvajalino, C. F. Duran Guzman, G. K. Arias Carrillo, J. F. Correal Daza and E. E. Muñoz Díaz

Study on temperature distribution of steel bridge under solar radiation

Derivation of seismic vulnerability functions for conventional highway bridges in Colombia
J. C. Reyes Ortiz, J. S. Spinel Peñuela, J. F. Correal Daza and C. M. Vallejo Paladines

Steel-concrete composite bridge optimization through threshold accepting
David Martínez-Muñoz, Jose V Martí and Víctor Yepes

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Grout Unfilled PC Duct Including Water Staying Condition
Y. Ishida and K. Suzuki

Identification of moving truck load on T-girder bridge using wavelet threshold de-noising method
J. Wu, M. Yang, Z. X. Dong, Y, C. Bian and C. Y. Kong

Frictional load transfer of high strength bolted connection in post-slip behavior focused on bolt preload
T. Takai

SS9 - Steel Bridge Rehabilitation
organized by Masahiro Sakano
Room: Room VS216
Chair: Masahiro Sakano

Research on the fatigue crack detection by strain measurement under unloading condition
Toshiy Ishikawa, Naoki Matsumoto and Naoshi Ueda

Thermal effect on shear fatigue of headed stud connectors in steel-concrete composite girder bridges
Chun-s Wang, Gen-sh Wu and Yu-zh Wang

The fatigue enhancement of a multispan steel box girder viaduct in the UK due to the cyclic distortional effects
K. Antonou, J.M. Bonnett and R.A. Percy

Required length of CFRP and energy release rate for CFRP jointed steel tubes under pure bending conditions
M. Mizutani and T. Ishikawa

Fatigue Durability of Vertical Stiffener to Deck Connection.
A Tanabe, H Konishi, T Kano, K Numa and M Sakano

Numerical simulation of UHPFRC reinforcement for distortion-induced fatigue details in steel girder bridges
Chun-s Wang, Chang Shu and Yu-zhu Wang

Analytical Evaluation of Fatigue resistance of Vertical Stiffener to Deck Connection details in Orthotropic Steel Decks
A. Tanabe, K. Numa and M. Sakano

One-sided Repair of Steel Girder End Having Corroded Bearing Stiffeners with High-Strength Bolted Doubler Plate
H. Moriyama, Yu Lang, G. Hayashi and T. Yamaguchi

12:30 - 14:00
MS3 Part II - Life-Cycle Performance Assessment of Existing Bridges in an Aggressive Environment
organized by Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Dan Frangopol and Hiroshi Matsuzaki
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Bruno Briseghella

FE approach to assess the combined effect of ASR and steel corrosion on bridge structures
R.V. Gorga, B. Martín-Pérez, L.F.M. Sanchez and M. Noël

Fatigue tests on cutout in rib-to-floor beam connections of steel bridges.
R. Hao, W. Lin and N. Taniguchi

Numerical simulation method for shrinkage of concrete material
Y Li, X Ruan and Y.L. Yi

Multiphysics modelling and structural analysis of RC bridge columns exposed to chlorides under cyclic loading
A. Pelle, B. Briseghella, A.V. Bergami, G. Fiorentino, G.F. Giaccu, D. Lavorato, G. Quaranta, A. Rasulo and C. Nuti

New algorithm of Acoustic Emission Tomography that considers change of emission times of AE events during identification of elastic wave velocity distribution
Y. Kobayashi, K. Nakamura and K. Oda

MS14 Part II - The Submerged Floating Tunnel, a smart infrastructure for waterway crossing
organized by Yiqiang Xiang, H.K Lee, Beatrice Faggiano and Raffaele Landolfo and Luca Martinelli
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Luca Martinelli

Submerged Floating Tunnels: recent research activity at Politecnico di Milano
F. Foti, L. Martinelli, M.G. Mulas and F. Perotti

Experimental study on corrosion behavior of steel in submerged floating tunnels(SFT)
JaeCha Park and HyungJ Jung

Semi-analytical Method of Analyzing Vertical Vibration Response of Submerged Floating Tunnel Under Moving Load
Y.Q. Xiang, C.Q. Gao and Y.S. Yang

Industry-University-Research Cooperation in China Accelerates the Research and Development of Intelligent SFT
Y.Q. Xiang, K. S. Wu , Y.S. Yang, L.L. Jin and k. Chen

Overview of experimental tests on SFT small scale specimen
G. Iovane, E. Begovic, E. Bilotta, B. Faggiano, R. Landolfo and F. M. Mazzolani

The coupled dynamic response of a prototype SFT to high speed trains.
M.G. Mulas, L. Martinelli and S. Zambon

MS12 - Realization Of Intelligent Bridge With Smart Monitoring System
organized by Ayaho Miyamoto, Akito Yabe, Ludovic Fülöp and Timo Tirkkonen
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Ayaho Miyamoto
Co-Chair: Ludovic Fülöp

Bridge frequency identification using vibration responses from sensors on a passing vehicle
Y. Lan, W. Lin and Y. Zhang

smartBRIDGE Hamburg: a digital twin to optimise infrastructure maintenance
M.W. Wenner, M.M.W. Meyer-Westphal, M.H. Herbrand and C.U. Ullerich

A study on the intelligent bridge with an advanced monitoring system
A.M. Miyamoto and A.Y. Yabe

Feasibility study on the intelligent bridge combined with smart monitoring techniques
A.M. Miyamoto, P.H. Hradil and I.H. Hakola

Full review of low-cost electronics implemented in Structural Health Monitoring Applications for Bridges
M. Komary, S. Komarizadehasl, N. Tošić, G. Ramos, J. Turmo and V. Torralba

Smart monitoring system for stress-laminated timber bridges
P. Hradil, S. Fortino, K. Koski, J. Mäkinen and L. Fülöp

Utilization of dynamic interaction analysis between a bridge and vehicles for the intelligent bridge
A.Y. Akito

SS6 - Bridge Precast and Assembly for Urban Regeneration
organized by Zhiqiang Wang
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Juan José Jorquera-Lucerga

Application of Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Bridge Strengthening
X. Li, L. Zhou, Y. Lu, J. Peng and L. Cheng

Research on Key Technologies for Precast Concrete Bridge Piers and Bent Caps
Z. YIN, L. ZHOU, X. LI, J. PENG, X. YAN and Y. WU

Investigation and verification on seismic performances of precast bridge piers with new type of pedestal connections
Jiyan Zhang, Zhiyon Wu and Zhiqia Wang

Theoretic analysis of precast bridge pier subjected to shear failure via direct shear test
H.Q. Qu, C.W. Wu, H.L. Lv, X.Y. Yan and Z.W. Wang

General Session 3 (Part II) - Evaluation and Assessment TuA6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Tomasz Kaminski

Ground-Based Interferometer radars for load tests of long-span arch bridges. Case study: Almonte and El Tajo Viaducts, Extremadura, Spain.
A. Rodríguez, J.V. Fuente, R. Fabregad, J.A. Álvarez, R. Chacón and C. Ramonell

Preliminary comparison of scour estimation methods
G Gavriel, P.J. Vardanega and M Pregnolato

Bridge Pier Column Multi-hazard Response – Fire, Impact and Blast
Q. A. Alomari and D. G. Linzell

Analytical investigation of the shear-carrying mechanism of reinforced concrete beams under axial compression
H.N. Nagai and T.K. Kanazawa

Assessment of Impact Resistance Performance of a Cable-Stayed Bridge subjected to Light Aircraft Impact
K. Choi, J. Lee, C.H. Chung and J. Yoon

An Analytical Study on Local Buckling Strength of Box Stub-Columns made of SBHS500 Under Axial Compression
R.Y. Yamazaki, N.T. Takeshima, S.O. Okada, Y.K. Kitane, M.M. Matsumura and K.O. Ono

14:00 - 15:00
Lunch break

15:00 - 16:30
MS3 Part III - Life-Cycle Performance Assessment of Existing Bridges in an Aggressive Environment
organized by Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Dan Frangopol and Hiroshi Matsuzaki
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Giuseppe Quaranta

Physics-based Modelling of Construction Defects in Concrete Decks
M.S. Salmeron, N.M.C. Criner, X.Z. Zhang, S.J.D. Dyke, J.R. Ramirez, B.W. Wogen and A.R Rearick

Effects of two corrosion acceleration methods on spatial steel corrosion and structural performance of RC beams
S. lim, J. Xin, M. Akiyama, D.M. Frangopol, Z. Xu, A. Li and S. Miyazato

A Novel Risk-Based Inspection and Strength Evaluation of Suspension Bridge Main Cable Systems
M.S. Shen, R.B. Betti and G.D. Deodatis

Performance of retrofitted bridges by seismic isolation considering aging of isolators
H. Matsuzaki

Study on the Fatigue Resistance of Precast Road Bridge Deck with The Newly Developed Joint under Ponding Water
Zongya He, Takuya Maeshima, Manabu Hosotani and Ichiro Iwaki

MS14 Part III - The Submerged Floating Tunnel, a smart infrastructure for waterway crossing
organized by Yiqiang Xiang, H.K Lee, Beatrice Faggiano and Raffaele Landolfo and Luca Martinelli
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Beatrice Faggiano
Co-Chair: Luca Martinelli

Analysis of dynamic response of shore connection segment of submerged floating tunnel.
S.J. Kang, J. Kim, J. Park and G.C. Cho

Saipem’s Submerged Floating Tunnel Concept – An Industry and University Cooperation to Drive Innovation in Civil Infrastructures
G. Chiesa, B. Faggiano, R. Landolfo, L. Martinelli, F.M. Mazzolani, F. Perotti and M.G. Mulas

Dynamic Transient Analysis of a Submerged Floating Tunnel By Collision Impact
Mujong Kim, Sangmi Lee and Jung-W Hong

MS9 Part I - Rehabilitation And Service Life Extension Of Historic Railways Bridges
organized by Pier Giorgio Malerba, Franco Bontempi, Emanuele Lizzori and Marcello Vaccarezza and Daniele Corti and Gianluca Ascari
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Francesco Petrini
Co-Chair: Gianluca Ascari

Management and Extension of Service Life of a Railway Bridge
F. Bontempi, F. Petrini, M. Mazzacane, M. Ronchi, M. Monno and R. Priscopo

Monitoring the San Michele Railway Bridge after the refurbishing works
G. Ascari, M. Di Mercione, A. Terraneo and A. Dalle Fratte

Seismic retrofit of a simply supported truss girder in Seto-Ohashi Bridges
Takao Kaneda, Kiyohi Imai and Masahi Nishitani

The San Michele Bridge in Paderno d‘Adda through 130 years of service
M. Di Mercione and E. Lizzori

San Michele Railway Bridge (Paderno, Italy). A critical issue: demolition or refurbishment?
L. Cavacchioli and G. Spirolazzi

Carbonation resistance of bridge concrete with graphene oxide modified epoxy resin top-coats
Tianyu Gao, Guo Li, Yi Ding, Yongsh Zhang and Chunhu Fan

SS7 Part I - Intelligent monitoring and maintenance of bridges
organized by Amir Alani, Mojtaba Mahmoodian, Alireza Khaloo and Sujeeva Setunge and Kevin Zhang
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Michael Chajes
Co-Chair: Tomasz Howiacki

The monitoring, refurbishment and remediation of existing bridge bearings
K. Antoniou and R.A. Percy

Distributed fibre optic sensing for safety monitoring of concrete, steel and composite bridges
R. Sieńko, Ł Bednarski and T. Howiacki

Prestressed Bridges - Eventually not a Problem
B.H. Hillemeier, S.K. Knapp and T.L. Luther

Sensor Data Alignment for Multi-View Bridge Monitoring
V.T. Hong, T. Doan and A. Takasu

Assessment of water absorption in concrete member by electrical resistance tomography
K. Kawaai and T. Nishida

Crack detection inside concrete based on specific resistivity monitoring
T.N. Takahiro and K.K. Keiyu

SS8 - Recent Advances in Bridge Design and Construction
organized by Upul Attanayake
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Upul Attanayake
Co-Chair: Arjuna Ranasinghe

Instrumentation and Monitoring Plan for the 2nd Avenue Network Arch Bridge with Posttensioned Tie Girders
A.R.M. Amunugama, U.B. Attanayake, H. Aktan, M. La Violette and M. Chynoweth

Creep and Shrinkage Estimation for Low-Heat Concrete Mix Used in the 2nd Avenue Network Arch Bridge
K. Basnayake, U.B. Attanayake, M. LaViolette and M. Chynoweth

Innovative Construction Method of Two Bridges in Hong Kong
Y.H Chong, A.A Sun, E. Ho and N. Hussain

Research status and latest development of buckling restrained bracing
Chaoqu Li, Hao Li and Wenhua Li

Size effect of a low-cost sliding isolation system with a flat-inclined spherical shape
M.Y. Yajima, M.A. Akiyama, M.B. Brito, H.K. Kashiyama, R.H. Honda, N.I. Ishigaki and H.T. Takahashi

General Session 3 (Part III) - Evaluation and Assessment TuE6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Maria Gabriella Mulas
Co-Chair: Tomasz Kaminski

Numerical Study on UHPC-RC Deck within Hogging Moment Region
R. Zhou, H. Ma, X. Shi, X. Li and J.A. Lozano-Galant

Dynamic Performance of Twin-I Composite Girder Bridges Subjected to Random Traffic Excitation
J.Y. Zhou, Z.Y. Tan, Z.N. Zhou and H.Y. Ma

A risk-based evaluation of a prestressed concrete bridge
S. J Sarmiento, R. S. Díaz, I. Björnsson, S. Thöns, J. Gonzalez-Libreros and G. Sas

SS10 - Data-driven asset management – The Scandinavian Way
organized by Jens Sandager Jensen, Lars Fuhr Pedersen and Poul Linneberg
Room: Room VS216
Chair: Jens Sandager Jensen
Co-Chair: Poul Linneberg

Data-driven Asset Management of bridges and structures on the state roads of Denmark
M.E. Ebbesen

Condition Based Monitoring and Digital Twins: Damage Detection on a Norwegian Bridge
Arnulf Hagen, Trond Andersen, Marit Reiso and Kjetil Sletten

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) supported bridge inspections
P Linneberg, F. M. Jensen, E. D. Hartwich and P. Holt

Bridge Safety and Accessibility Improvements on the Storebælt bridges including a Model for Wind induced Vehicle Overturning
Lars Fuhr Pedersen

Data-driven asset management-projects by the Swedish Transport Administration
O. Aronsson and H. Pétursson

16:30 - 17:00
Coffee break

17:00 - 18:30
MS5 Part I - Assessment of existing infrastructure assisted by field data
organized by Eva Lantsoght, Yuguang Yang and Sreenivas Alampalli
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Eva Lantsoght
Co-Chair: Sreenivas Alampalli

Reliability assessment of existing reinforced concrete bridges and viaducts through proof load testing
R. de Vries, E.O.L. Lantsoght, R.D.J. Steenbergen and S.A.A. Fennis

Humber Bridge hanger replacements and testing, UK
C. Hendy, D. Bishop , C. Mundell and A. Arundell

Modal Testing of a Riveted Metallic Bridge under Different End Conditions
S. Biswal, B. Imam, Y. Wang, M.K. Chryssanthopoulos and N. Aleksieva

Monitoring of a Suspension Bridge
L. L Lai

Results from a Decade of Periodically Conducted Load Tests on a Cable-Stayed Bridge
C. Aloupis, T. Shenton and M. Chajes

MS7 - Design of bridge components considering the impact of micromovements of flexible structures
organized by Simon Hoffmann
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Simon Hoffmann
Co-Chair: Esther Real

Solutions for eliminating fretting fatigue due to micromovement in friction saddles
H. Fan and B. Manshadi

EADs as a new level of expansion joint assessment
S. Hoffmann and N. Meng

Long-term movement behaviour of bridge bearings and joints from SHM
A. Chrysovergis, T. Richli and N. Meng

Fracture-critical bridge components subject to fatigue loading
S.B. Mendes, R. Abbasi, N. Abraham and L. Cao

Wind-induced vibration of lamp posts on a long bridge over open water and its vibration reduction analysis
H.Q. Li, D.L. Wang and Y. Pan

MS9 Part II - Rehabilitation And Service Life Extension Of Historic Railways Bridges
organized by Pier Giorgio Malerba, Franco Bontempi, Emanuele Lizzori and Marcello Vaccarezza and Daniele Corti and Gianluca Ascari
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Konstantinos Gkoumas
Co-Chair: Gianluca Ascari

Assessment of a centenary iron bridge of the Domodossola-Locarno railway line
D. Corti, A. Menghini, E. Conti and P.G. Malerba

The San Michele Bridge in Paderno d’Adda (Italy): retrofitting design criteria
M. Vaccarezza, P.G. Malerba, L. Crespo and P. Galli

San Michele Railway Bridge (Paderno, Italy). The retrofitting works: a demanding task.
M.F. Carera, P. Pancini and M. Di Mercione

SS7 Part II - Intelligent monitoring and maintenance of bridges
organized by Amir Alani, Mojtaba Mahmoodian, Alireza Khaloo and Sujeeva Setunge and Kevin Zhang
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Michael Chajes
Co-Chair: Tomasz Howiacki

Establishing threshold values for use in structural health monitoring
J. Chen, M. Chajes and T. Shenton

A novel ropeway-based system for bridge apparent scanning
Y. Pan, X.L. Zhuang, D.L. Wang and H Tian

Using Few Accelerometer for Improving the Resolution and Accuracy of Low- Cost Accelerometers
Seyedm KomarizadehAsl, Mahyad Komary, Fidel Lozano, Victor Torralba, Jose A Lozano-galant and Jose Turmo

Developing and validation of an Inclinometer sensor based on fusion of a magnetometer, an accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor for SHM applications
M. Komary, S. Komarizadehasl , G. Ramos and V. Torralba

Measurement of 3C component displacement of full-scale structures using an unmanned aerial system (UAS)
B.J. Perry and Y. Guo

SS12 - BRIDGE|50 Research Project: Experimental Testing on a 50-Year-Old PC Bridge
organized by Fabio Biondini, Francesco Tondolo, Sergio Manto and Carlo Beltrami
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Fabio Biondini
Co-Chair: Francesco Tondolo

Experimental Program and Recent Outcomes of the BRIDGE|50 Research Project: Residual Structural Performance of a 50-year-old PC Bridge
F. Biondini, F. Tondolo, S. Manto, C. Beltrami , M. Chiara, B. Salza, M. Tizzani, B. Chiaia, A. Lencioni, L. Panseri and L. Quaranta

Full-scale testing and analysis of 50-year old prestressed concrete bridge girders
F. Tondolo, D. Sabia, B. Chiaia, A. Quattrone, P. Savino, F. Biondini, G. Rosati and M. Anghileri

Experimental evaluation of the effect of controlled damages on the dynamic response of PC bridge beams
D. Sabia, A. Quattrone, F. Tondolo and P. Savino

Formulation and Experimental Validation of Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of PC Bridge Deck Beams
M. Anghileri and F. Biondini

BIM as a tool for experimental tests on bridge beams
D. Rodriguez , F. Tondolo, A. Osello and C. Trincianti

Corrosion assessment of 50-year-old PC deck beams
M. Carsana, F. Biondini, E. Redaelli and D.O. Valoti

General Session 4 (Part I) - Service Life and Maintenance TuN6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Rolando Chacón
Co-Chair: Eftychia Apostolidi

State-of-the-art review on the structural behaviour of stainless steel reinforced concrete elements
H. Moodley, S. Afshan, S. Blainey and J. Preston

Approximated performance curve for steel bridges under joint state of probability of collapse, following the Weibull reliability model of cumulative damage.
F.A. Nunez-Moreno, L.F. Lozano-Acosta, J.F. Correal-Daza and F. Ramirez-Rodriguez

Prefabricated Elements and Foundation Options for Rural Bridges
U. Attanayake

Cost-effective life cycle treatment plans: A case study for Wisconsin decks
B. Bektas and A. J. Albughdadi

Maintenance plan and durability design for the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge.
M. Nader, C. Choi, N. Vo and A. Sanjines

Catamaran spherical bearings
Peter Günther and Albert Lanzoni

SS11 - Data-driven asset management
organized by Jens Sandager Jensen, Lars Fuhr Pedersen and Poul Linneberg
Room: Room VS216
Chair: Jens Sandager Jensen
Co-Chair: Poul Linneberg

Quality comfirmation of two typical acceleration data based on Benford’s law
Z.W. Li, Y. Pan and D.L. Wang

Improved Structural Health Monitoring of Great Belt Bridge hangers and deck using Digital Image Correlation
Jan Winkler, Finn Bormlund and Martin Havelykke

Developing risk-based and multi-objective optimization approach to railway bridge management in Finland
J. Wuorenjuuri

Wednesday, July 13

08:30 - 10:00
Keynote Lectures II
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Jose Turmo
Co-Chair: Fabio Biondini

AI and IIoT Convergence Towards Automated Bridge Inspection
J. Diaz

Safety and life extension of road bridges by considering design, damage assessment and rehabilitation
K. Imai

Twinning of the Egongyan Bridge
X. Chen, Y. Qi and M.C. Tang

10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break

10:30 - 12:00
MS5 Part II - Assessment of existing infrastructure assisted by field data
organized by Eva Lantsoght and Yuguang Yang
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Eva Lantsoght
Co-Chair: Yuguang Yang

Bridge deck fatigue: A case for proactive preventive bridge management
P.S. McCarten

Research experience obtained from dynamic load testing of railway bridges at a high speed line
P. Olaszek, A. Matysek, J. Skawiński and W. Szaniec

Research on temperature gradient of concrete hollow column along the horizontal thickness direction
WQ.P Peng, WL.L Lu and FL.L Li

Comparison of results of different approaches to load rating bridges and culverts with missing information
S Rupp, J Tatar, D Wagner and H.W. Shenton

Comparative study of bridge structural condition assessment methodologies
C.A.F Souza, J.M.F Carvalho, D.S Oliveira, A.C.P Martins, F.G Bellon, R.C Verly, G.S Santos, M.C.S Alvarenga, K.M.L Cesar and J.C.L Ribeiro

Estimation of the bridge damping decrement for in-situ recorded signal with unusual features
K. Tomaszkiewicz and T. Owerko

SS2 Part I - Small and medium span bridges and culverts: analysis, evaluation, durability, and rehabilitation
organized by Damian Beben, Halil Sezen, Jan Vaslestad and Tomasz Maleska
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Damian Beben
Co-Chair: Halil Sezen

Proposal of a Continuous PC T-girder for Integral Abutment Bridges
J.Q. Xue, H. Shao, S. Ma, B. Briseghella and F.Y. Huang

Field Load Testing and Analysis of a New FRP Composite Tub Girder Bridge with a Concrete Deck
WG Davids and AP Schanck

Bridge design and rehabilitation using new sandwich plate system (SPS)
R.V. Gorga, N. Little, R. Maier and S. Gettler

Diagnostic Load Testing and Assessment of a Deteriorated Culvert
T DuBose, S Safari, H Shenton, J Tatar, M Chajes, J Karam, J Hastings and M Head

Exterior Protection of Precast Reinforced Concrete Culvert Structures
B. Kasapoglu, H. Sezen and K. White

Rehabilitation and Repair Methods for Culvert Structures
H. Sezen

MS6 - Strengthening of existing bridges
organized by Altanzagas Ochirdorj and Tsas-Orgilmaa Makhbal
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Altanzagas Ochirdorj
Co-Chair: Tsas-Orgilmaa Makhbal

Retrofitting of prestressed concrete decks by arch steel trusses for different degradation levels
Raffae Cucuzza, Marco Rosso, Marco Domaneschi and Giusep Marano

Strengthening two damaged bridges in the motorway M-410 in Madrid
Carlos Jurado

Current status and maintenance system of bridges in Mongolia
Tsas-O Makhbal, Khasna Sambuu, Bud Rentsen, Sugarj Namsraijav, Byamba Terbish, Uranch Altangerel, Enkhtu Davaanyam and Ariuna Chogsom

The diagnosis of old railway steel bridge over the Kharaa river
Altanz Ochirdorj, Tsas-O Makhbal, Duinkh Yagaanbuyant and Mungun Duinkherjav

Traffic barriers replacement and deck surface reparation of Las Lamas viaduct in León (Spain)
J. Rodado and F. Otero

Replacement of the deck and rehabilitation of the viaduct at the link between M-40 and M-607 in Madrid (Spain)
J. Rodado and F. Otero

MS11 Part I - Bridge Loading – Measurement and Modelling
organized by Colin Caprani, Andrzej Nowak, Eugene OBrien and Xin Ruan
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Colin Caprani
Co-Chair: Xuejing Wang

Impact of truck platooning on bridges‘ braking forces
M. Breveglieri, M. Sjaarda, A. Nussbaumer and G. Feltrin

Experimental validation of a moving force identification method for applications in railway bridge dynamics
Andrei Firus, Roman Kemmler, Geert Lombaert, Jens Schneider and Hagen Berthold

Ballast coupling on simply-supported railway bridges with twin decks
M.D. Martínez, J.C. Sánchez, E. Moliner, P. Galvin and A. Romero

Correlation analysis of bridge traffic load level and socio-economic development: A case study on Sutong Bridge
Y. Wei, X. Ruan, L.P. Feng and X.J. Wang

General Session 2 (Part I) - Inspection and Monitoring WeM5
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Ignacio Pulido Sanchez
Co-Chair: Juan Avendaño

The monitoring system of the first metal 3D printed bridge: design, installation, management and initial findings
R. Kromanis and G. Buchanan

N80-S1 River Slaney bridge monitoring and fatigue assessment
A. Barrias, J. Martínez-García and P. Moore

Establishing maintenance priority ranking of bridges based on visual inspection data.
N.A Stevens, M Lydon, A Marshall and S Taylor

Ratio-based features for bridge damage detection based on displacement influence line and curvature influence line
Andrea Döring, Markus Vogelbacher, Oliver Schneider, Jacob Müller, Stefan Hinz and Jörg Matthes

Simulation of stress wave propagation and cracking in RC beams for damage detection using local vibration testing
R. Hashimoto, H. Naito, S. Ichimaru and J.E. Bolander

Experiences in the inspection of large number of bridges with new Italian Guidelines for inspection and management of existing bridges
P.F. Franchetti, S.V. Vernizzi, I.Z. Zattoni and M.F. Frizzarin

General Session 4 (Part II) - Service Life and Maintenance WeM6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Ho-Kyung Kim
Co-Chair: Jung Sik Kong

Use of Seismic Isolation Bearings in High Speed Rail Bridges as Exemplified by California High Speed Rail SR 43 Network Tied Arch Bridge
A.P. Ranasinghe, H. Al-khateeb and J. Conklin

Probabilistic Corrosion Fatigue Life Evaluation of Steel Plates Using Random Field Simulation
L. S. An, Y. C. Park and H. K. Kim

Performance Degradation Model of Bridges using Recurrent Neural Network
Youngj Choi, Yangro Choi and Jungsi Kong

Prediction model for condition rating of the bridge using various deep-learning methods
Y. Choi, Y Choi and J.S. Kong

Reduction of maintenance operations by applying the Direct Algorithm in the design of cable-stayed bridges
Josep Farré Checa, Jose A Lozano-Galant and Jose Turmo

Tools for Constructability for Improving Bridge Durability
H. Aktan, U. Attanayake and E. Aktan

SS13 - Risk-Based Prioritization and Monitoring of Bridges for Road Infrastructure Management in Lombardy Region, Italy
organized by Fabio Biondini, Maria Pina Limongelli, Carmelo Gentile and Marco Belloli
Room: Room VS216
Chair: Fabio Biondini
Co-Chair: Maria Pina Limongelli

Bridge Vulnerability and Hazard Assessment for Risk-Based Infrastructure Management
F. Biondini, F. Ballio, M. di Prisco, S. Bianchi, M. D’Angelo, G. Zani, L. Capacci, M. Anghileri, A. Scalbi and K. Flores Ferreira

Development of a functional priority index for assessing the impact of a bridge closure
M. Arena, G. Azzone, P. Secchi, A. Torti, V.M. Urbano and S. Vantini

The Structural Monitoring guidelines for the management of bridges in the Lombardia region in Italy
M.P. Limongelli, C. Gentile, F. Biondini, M. di Prisco, F. Ballio, M. Belloli, F. Resta, P. Vigo and A. Colombo

Structural Health Monitoring of a RC Bridge in Como, Italy
S. Bianchi, L. Capacci, M. Anghileri, F. Biondini, G. Rosati, C. Somaschini, G. Cazzulani and L. Benedetti

Structural Health Monitoring and Geometric Survey Informed by Laser Scanner and UAV Mapping of an Existing Tall RC Viaduct
L. Capacci, S. Bianchi, M. Anghileri , F. Biondini, G. Rosati, L. Pinto, F. Ioli, C. Somaschini, G. Cazzulani and L. Benedetti

GNSS-based Structural Monitoring of the Isola Dovarese Bridge, Italy
S. Bianchi , F. Biondini, M. Anghileri, L. Capacci, G. Rosati, G. Cazzulani and S. Caldera

StradeNet: A Regional Road Information System
S. Bianchi, G. Zani, A. Scalbi, K. Flores Ferreira, M. D’Angelo, M. Anghileri, L. Capacci, F. Biondini, M. di Prisco, F. Ballio, P. Borlenghi, G. Zonno, C. Gentile, L. Benedetti, M. Belloli, A. Colombo, P. Vigo, C. Sportel, V. Lanza and S. Barassi

12:00 - 13:30
MS5 Part III - Assessment of existing infrastructure assisted by field data
organized by Eva Lantsoght, Yuguang Yang and Sreenivas Alampalli
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Eva Lantsoght
Co-Chair: Gabriel Sas

Potential Hazards at the New York City Bridges, 1982 - 2006
Bojida Yanev

Monitoring of Repaired Concrete Floor in the Maastunnel Using Smart Aggregates
H. Cheng, F. Zhang, Y. Yang and C.B.M. Blom

Assessment of shear strength of existing prestressed concrete bridge beams: full-scale tests and numerical simulations
A. Lupoi, A. Ficociello and M. Malavisi

Cost-effective measurement equipment and data analysis tool for structural health monitoring. Case Study: Metro railway bridge
P.L. Sierra, R.A. Chacón and X. Martinez

Development of a Bridge Load Test Procedure for Low Temperature Conditions
J. Gonzalez-Libreros, C. Wang, A.M. Agredo, S.J. Sarmiento, Y. Tu, C. Daescu and G. Sas

Fatigue Reliability Assessment of an In-service Steel Bridge Based on BWIM and Strain Data
S.H Lee, Y.C Park, L.S. An and H.K. Kim

SS2 Part II - Small and medium span bridges and culverts: analysis, evaluation, durability, and rehabilitation
organized by Damian Beben, Halil Sezen, Jan Vaslestad and Tomasz Maleska
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Halil Sezen
Co-Chair: Damian Beben

Corrugated steel plate tunnel behaviour under strong seismic excitation
Tomasz Maleska and Damian Beben

Long-term behavior of instrumented RC culvert with high soil cover using EPS for load reduction
Tomasz Maleska, Joanna Nowacka, Damian Beben and Jan Vaslestad

Ten Years of Advanced Culvert Research: A Retrospective
D Becerril García, N.A. Hoult and I.D. Moore

Stiffness variations of railway tracks over rigid concrete and flexible steel culverts
D.S.S Sukuvara, A.L Lau, S.N Nordal and J.V Vaslestad

General Session 1 - Long-Span Bridges WeA3
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Ignacio Pulido Sanchez
Co-Chair: Gonzalo Ramos

Wind-resistant design of long-span cable-stayed bridges focusing on nonlinear aerostatic stability: A parametric study
M. Cid Montoya, S. Hernández, F. Nieto, J.Á. Jurado and A. Kareem

Doubling the set of hangers of tied-arch bridges to support eccentric load distributions
J.J. Jorquera-Lucerga and J.M. García-Guerrero

Fire Protection of Suspension Bridge Cables
J. Laigaard, H. Narasimhan and J. Mouritsen

Analysis and design of a concrete network tied arch bridge for California high speed rail project
A.P. Ranasinghe, M. Loizias, H. Al-Khateeb and S. Greenburg

Effectiveness of buckling restrained damper for improving seismic performance of steel arch bridge
P. Sosorburam, E. Namkhainyambuu and E. Yamaguchi

Analysis on whole-span deck replacement plan for large-span network arch bridge
H.Y. Fu, Q.T. Su, L. Cheng and F.P. Chang

Reliability consideration for vortex-induced oscillation and buffeting of long-span bridge
S.C. Yang, S.K. Li and S. Gong

MS11 Part II - Bridge Loading – Measurement and Modelling
organized by Colin Caprani, Andrzej Nowak, Eugene OBrien and Xin Ruan
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Colin Caprani
Co-Chair: Xuejing Wang

Analysis on the specification applicability of long-span bridge based on traffic effect
X.Y. Zhao, X. Ruan, L.Z. Wu and Z.R. Jin

New Procedure for Bridge Analysis of Heavy Vehicles transit (NTEO)
A. Lupoi, F. Alessio and A. Basconi

Smart Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints as a Combined WIM and SHM System
D. Rill, C. Butz and M. Tahedl

General Session 2 (Part II) - Inspection and Monitoring WeA5
Room: Room VS218
Chair: David Martínez-Muñoz
Co-Chair: Antonio Barrias

Effect of air-entraining agent and freeze-thaw cycles on concrete microstructure using computed tomography scanning
A. Mena, M.A. Vicente, J. Mínguez and D.C. González

Using sub-size Charpy V-Notch tests to evaluate thin structural components
T.D. Yount, W.N. Collins, D. Yu, C.R. Bennett and J. Li

Image based inspection of concrete cracks using UAV photography
J.A. Avendaño, J.L. Leander and R.K. Karoumi

Bridge Scouring Inspection and Mitigation in Indonesia
R.P. Pratama, R. Irawan and E. Kurniawati

Field Monitoring of Ambient Vibration Response of a Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge
M.R. Hernandez-Garcia, M. Wahbeh, G. Thomas and S.F. Masri

Damage detection of steel truss bridge based on stacked auto-encoder
C. Wang, J. Gonzalez, G. Sas, L. Elfgren, S. Lu and Y. Tu

General Session 4 (Part III) - Service Life and Maintenance/Proactive maintenance approaches and decision-making in future European standardisation WeA6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Paola Darò
Co-Chair: Alfred Strauss

Condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures: state of the art knowledge and case studies in the TG3.3 fib Bulletin
M.P. Limongelll and E. Chatzi

Performance Prediction & Modelling including Advanced Methods for Existing Concrete Structures in the Framework of the fib TG 3.3 Bulletin
E. Apostolidi, A. Strauss, F. Sattler and H. Sousa

Contributions to IM-SAFE project based on the experience gained about numerical model updating of in-service bridges using multidisciplinary research
Óscar Bouzas, Brais Barros, Borja Conde, Manuel Cabaleiro, Ana Sánchez-Rodríguez and Belén Riveiro

Bridges continuous dense monitoring network: a framework to support the infrastructures assessment and management process
I. Alovisi, A. Cigada, D. La Mazza and M. Longo

Enhanced Bridge Maintenance Using In-Situ CVM Sensors for Automated Damage Detection
D.P. Roach

Evaluation of Long-Term Durability Performance of the Exfoliation Prevention Method Using Basalt Net in Actual Structure
M.T Tsuda, S.U Ueda, T.A Aoki and K.T Torii

13:30 - 14:30
Lunch break

14:30 - 16:00
MS4 Part I - Novel techniques regarding the assessment and monitoring of bridges
organized by Alfred Strauss and Dan Frangopol
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Alfred Strauss
Co-Chair: Eleni Chatzi

Data mining corrosion and failure in cable stays
J. Laigaard Jensen, I. Farreras Alcover, S. Joye and L. Laguerre

Cost-benefit evaluation of a monitoring system for structural identification of existing bridges
N. Bertola, I. Bayane and E. Brühwiler

Structural Inspection and Rehabilitation of Steel Floorbeam to Column Connections
J. Tupper and P. Bocchini

Damage assessment of bridges based on static and dynamic flexibility changes
K. Dakhili, T. Kebig, M. Schäfer, M. Bender, A. Zürbes and S Maas

Easy and Low-cost Bridge Warning System for Damage Detection at Girder End
H Mawatari, K Matsuyama, T Sonoda, K Nakatsui and J Tsujii

Investigation on Load Capacity Evaluation of Existing Bridge based on Deflection
Y.K. Kinoshita, Y.U. Umekawa and H.S. Suganuma

SS5 Part I - Design, Construction and Evaluation of Steel/FRP & Concrete Composite Bridge Structures
organized by Haohui Xin, Xiaoqing Xu, Rong Liu and Jun He
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Bruno Briseghella
Co-Chair: Gonzalo Ramos

Influence of Slenderness Ratios on Mechanical Performance of Axially Loaded CFST Columns with Circumferential Debonding Gap
J.Q. Xue, J.G. Sun, B. Briseghella, B.C. Chen and J.G. Wei

Structural performance and on-site monitoring of steel-concrete composite bridge with link slab
H. Su, Q.T. Su, J.R. Casas, M.X. Xi and Y.F. Ji

Stress analysis on cable anchorage zone of long-span self-anchored suspension bridge
W.P.H Wu, W.C Wu and S.Q.T Su

Local stress analysis and force transmission mechanism of steel bridge tower
W.Y Wu, Z.M.G Zeng and S.Q.T Su

Finite element simulation study on continuous structure of steel-concrete composite simple-supported beam bridge
F. Wang, C. Wu and Q. Su

Serviceability oriented fatigue assessment of orthotropic steel bridge decks with penetrating cracks
B. Wang, Y. Ma, D. Wang and A. Chen

MS8 Part I - Footbridges: Advances in Vibration Serviceability Assessment
organized by Colin Caprani and Federica Tubino
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Colin Caprani
Co-Chair: Federica Tubino

Dynamic characterization and vibration serviceability assessment of a historic suspension footbridge
Elyas Bayat and Federi Tubino

The UNIOVI footbridge
Marta García-Diéguez and Jose L Zapico-Valle

Energy harvesting from pedestrian-induced vibrations in footbridges with piezoelectric devices: a feasibility study
J.F. Jiménez-Alonso, G. Castillo López, F. García Sanchez and A. Sáez

Considerations about dynamic calculation of a footbridge
Carlos Jurado

Experimental validation of crowd-induced loading on footbridges
F. Tubino and K. Van Nimmen

MS15 Part I - Innovative Solution of Classic Problems in Bridge Design, Construction and Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence
organized by Airong Chen and Xin Ruan
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Xuejing Wang
Co-Chair: Necati Catbas

Human-AI Collaboration in Bridge Monitoring and Inspection Using Mixed Reality
M. Zakaria, E. Karaaslan and F. N. Catbas

Evaluation of Factors Affecting Long-term Creep of Concrete Using Machine Learning Regression Models
H. Daou, W. Raphael and F. Geara

Use of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Calibrate the Eurocode 2 Creep Model: Application of Classification and Regression Tree
H. Daou, W. Raphael and R. Faddoul

Damage evaluation of concrete beams using forced vibration testing and machine learning
Y. Fujisaku, H. Naito and K. Inaba

Finite element analysis of piles and information for installation monitoring
O. Adegbulugbe and S. Jung

Construction of crack image dataset using active learning
J.P. Shu, J. Li and Z.F. Jin

General Session 3 (Part IV) - Evaluation and Assessment WeE5
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Túlio Bittencourt

Evaluation of deterioration modeling of corroded reinforced concrete railway bridges under uncertainty
I. Ames, L.S. Moreira, A.T. Beck, H. Carvalho, T.N. Bittencourt and M.M. Futai

Advanced numerical analysis of fatigue-critical details of existing metallic railway bridges
C.S. Horas, A.M.P. Jesus and R.A.B. Calçada

Numerical evaluation of a VBI bridge-damage detection approach in railway bridges using a machine learning algorithm
E.F. Souza, T.N. Bittencourt, D.R. Ribeiro, H. Carvalho and T.D. Silva

Evolution of the optimal solution for single and twin-box bridge decks subject to gravitational loads and several aeroelastic phenomena
M. Cid Montoya, S. Hernández and A. Kareem

Modelling an existing steel railway bridge for residual service life assessment
P.L. Todesco, A. Rønnquist, G.T. Frøseth and M. Domaneschi

Modelling bonding failure effects in deteriorated concrete elements of bridges.
M. Bartolozzi, J.R. Casas and M. Domaneschi

General Session 4 (Part IV) - Service Life and Maintenance WeE6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Eiki Yamaguchi

Digital Innovation in Bridge Management – Overview of the Project GOA.BI
T. Mendonça, V. Brito, S. Costa, J. Matos and M. Coelho

Adapting a Bridge Management System to Port Structures
T. Mendonça, V. Brito and S. Costa

Study of demolition strategies and preliminary plan for the case of the Kalix bridge
C. Daescu, H. Lundin, S.J. Sarmiento, J. Gonzalez-Libreros, L. Elfgren and G. Sas

An overview of strategic bridge life cycle modelling on the British railway
G. Calvert, M. Hamer and L. Neves

Evaluating the impact of using Fiber Reinforced Concrete on service life of bridges: A case study
M. Domingo, G. Ramos and A.C. Aparicio

Present and future applications of BIM for Bridge Maintenance
Fidel Lozano, Anna Sanseverino, Seyedm Komarizadehasl, José A Lozano-Galant, Victor Torraba and José Turmo

Application of BIM and GIS models for the degradation analysis and management of Port Infrastructure
J.C. Matos, J. Gil and E. Teixeira

SS14 Part I - Approaches to Bridge Management / Bridge Management Systems in Response to Today’s Challenges
organized by Reed Ellis, Paul Thompson and Rade Hajdin
Room: Room VS216
Chair: Reed Ellis
Co-Chair: Paul Thompson

Risk-Based Bridge Management Implementation in the Yukon, Canada
R. Ellis and K. Power

Preliminary probabilistic analysis of bridge management data in the province of Ontario
P.D. Babajamu, A.M. Abdelmaksoud and G.P. Balomenos

Retrospective Analysis of Predictive Models in Bridge Management Software used in the Province of PEI, Canada.
D.J. Evans and R.M. Ellis

Development of a novel bridge management system for Colombia
J.F. Correal, E. Muñoz, J.C. Reyes, A. Vargas, F. Ramirez, F. Nuñez, A.M Medaglia, L.A. Guzman, E. Prada and J.E. Echeverry

Decision making model for bridge management – Application to Colombian bridge infrastructure
E. Prada, N. Robayo, A.F. Calvo, R. Fernandez, J.F. Correal, A.M Medaglia, J.E. Echeverry and S. Gonzalez

Cost-effective lifetime management of deteriorating bridges considering correlated maintenances
BX Ge, AR Chen and HC Chang

16:00 - 16:30
Coffe break

16:30 - 18:00
MS4 Part II - Novel techniques regarding the assessment and monitoring of bridges
organized by Alfred Strauss and Dan Frangopol
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Alfred Strauss
Co-Chair: Paolo Bocchini

Monitoring of displacements in bridges and singular structures using computer vision. Example of application in the Cathedral of Saint Mary (Burgos, Spain)
A. Mena, M.A. Vicente, J. Mínguez and D.C. González

Application of a novel safety format technique on concrete bridges
F. Sattler, A. Strauss, L. Novák and D. Novák

Review on Deep Learning in Structural Health Monitoring
Marco Rosso, Raffae Cucuzza, Angelo Aloisio, Giansa Cirrincione and Giusep Marano

Stress component measurement sensor using thermoelastic stress analysis
A.S. Sato, K.S. Sugiura, Y.K. Kitane and Y.G. Goi

Application of multipurpose measuring system on various bridges – pros and cons
M.V. Venglar, K.L. Lamperová and D.B. Beutelhauser

Monitoring the superstructure of cable-stayed bridges applying Geotechnological tools. Case study: Bridge “Solidaridad” in Guerrero state, México.
H. Ortiz-Pineda, R. Vázquez-Jiménez, S. Sánchez-Tizapa and G. Moyao-Callejas

SS5 Part II - Design, Construction and Evaluation of Steel/FRP & Concrete Composite Bridge Structures
organized by Haohui Xin, Xiaoqing Xu, Rong Liu and Jun He
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Bruno Briseghella
Co-Chair: Upul Attanayake

Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Properties and Damage Mechanism of GFRP-Concrete Composite Beam

Use of Fiber Reinforced Concrete in compression slabs of beam-and-slab decks for new bridge constructions
M. Domingo, G. Ramos and A.C. Aparicio

Multi-scale evaluation of ultimate capacity of high-performance materials used in bridge engineering
Haohui Xin, Jie Li, Qinlin Gao, Yuqing Liu and Milan Veljkovic

Experimental Design of SFRC Link Slab in Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge
L. XIAO, Q.T. SU and F.Y. WANG

MS8 Part II - Footbridges: Advances in Vibration Serviceability Assessment
organized by Colin Caprani and Federica Tubino
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Federica Tubino
Co-Chair: Colin Caprani

Human-induced loading due to bidirectional pedestrian traffic
F. Tubino and F. Venuti

Dynamic running actions on footbridges: a pilot study on human-structure interaction
Jasper Lottefier, Peter Van den Broeck and Katrie Van Nimmen

Integrated measurement concept for identification of human-structure-interaction of flexible structures for natural gait
Max Jo Fritzsche, Hagen Berthold, Steven Lorenzen, Andrei Firus, Jens Schneider, Maximi Stasica, Guopin Zhao and André Seyfarth

MS15 Part II - Innovative Solution of Classic Problems in Bridge Design, Construction and Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence
organized by Airong Chen and Xin Ruan
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Xuejing Wang
Co-Chair: Fernando Moreu

Intelligent parameter identification of hydration heat and field cracking classification analysis: a case study of concrete bent cap
L.C. Xu, X. Ruan, Y Li and Z.R. Wang

Increasing the use of Human-Machine Interfaces with Augmented Reality for Inspectors
E. Wyckoff, A. Khorasani, K. Malek and F. Moreu

Smart and Connected Communities informed against Floods with Low-cost Sensors (LEWIS 5)
J. Murillo and F. Moreu

Automated Structural Damage Mapping on 3D Digital Bridge Model
H. Bae, Y.K. An and Y. Cho

Stress-based topology optimization method using deep learning
Cheng Xiang, Airong Chen, Dalei Wang and Rujin Ma

General Session 3 (Part V) - Evaluation and Assessment WeN5
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Juan José Jorquera-Lucerga
Co-Chair: Marco Domaneschi

Modal and Pushover Analysis of Concrete Bridges with Shallow Footing Subjected to Seismic and Scour Loading
S Biazar, S Kameshwar and G.P. Balomenos

Phase field model for reinforcement corrosion induced concrete cover cracking
Xurui Fang, Zichao Pan, Jiajun Zhang and Airong Chen

Analytical study on the minimum patch plate arrangement for the corroded steel girder ends
T.F. Fujimaru, M.T. Tamai, M.O. Okumura and K.N. Nozaka

Evaluation of ASR resistance of geopolymers using industrial by-products for application to bridges
H. Goda, K. Shinkai, K. Harada and M. Hibino

ASR resistance of concrete member using blast furnace slag based on gel fluorescence method
H. Goda, K. Okubo, Y. Sagawa and M. Hibino

Improvement Work for Elongation of Survice Life of Dojima Ohashi Bridge
S Fujisawa, S Nagahashi, M Yamauchi and T Yamaguchi

General Session 5 (Part I) - Repair and Strengthening WeN6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Riad Al-Mahaidi
Co-Chair: Raffaele Cucuzza

FRP Repair Alternatives for Deteriorated Culverts
Mo Ehsani

Some Cases of Pathologies in Prestressed Concrete Bridges in Spain. Diagnosis, Analysis, and Decision Making
I. Pulido , F. Millanes , B. González and A. Hernández

Use of Composite Structures for the Reinforcement of Pathologies in Concrete Bridges
I. Pulido, F. Millanes, E. Bordó and S. Salas

Behaviour of FRP Strengthened RC planks anchored with Hybrid anchors
Bahaa Al-Atta, Robin Kalfat and Riadh Al-Mahaidi

Genetic Programming in the Prediction of Concrete Cover Separation in RC Beams Strengthened with FRP
K.A. Al-Ghrery, R.A. Al-Mahaidi, R.K. Kalfat and N.O. Oukaili

Resistance to salt-corrosion of concrete with externally bonded FRP sheets in marine environment
D.Y. Liu, Y.M. Tu, Y. Zhang, C. Wang, J. Gonzalez-Libreros, G. Sas and L. Elfgren

SS14 Part II - Approaches to Bridge Management / Bridge Management Systems in Response to Today’s Challenges
organized by Reed Ellis, Paul Thompson and Rade Hajdin
Room: Room VS216
Chair: Reed Ellis
Co-Chair: Rade Hajdin

StruPlan: Open-Source Long-Range Renewal Planning for Transportation Structures
P.D. Thompson

Indicators and modules for a life cycle management
S.S. Staub and R.H. Holst

18:00 - 19:00
General Assembly

Thursday, July 14

09:30 - 11:00
Keynote Lectures III
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Ho-Kyung Kim
Co-Chair: Túlio Bittencourt

Assessment of existing concrete bridges by load testing
E.O.L. Lantsoght

Less And Better. Good Design Practices For Sustainable Bridges
J. Sobrino

Bridge Inspection, Evaluation, and Management in the United States
S. Alampalli

11:00 - 11:30
Coffe break

11:30 - 13:00
MS4 Part III - Novel techniques regarding the assessment and monitoring of bridges
organized by Alfred Strauss and Dan Frangopol
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Alfred Strauss
Co-Chair: Poul Linneberg

Hyperspectral imaging analyses of concrete structures with emphasis on bridges
Alfred Strauss, Fabian Sattler, Maximi Granzner and Dan Frangopol

Compressive load estimation method based on plate vibration measurement
S Watanabe, Y Yiran, Y Goi, K Takase, N Okubo, Y Kitane and K Sugiura

Deterioration-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Design Resistance of Railway Bridge
M. Šomodíková, O. Slowik, D. Lehký and J. Doležel

Application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition to bridge damage detection - field investigations
S. Ardani, S. Eftekhar Azam, E. Akintunde and D.G. Linzell

Deep learning based indirect monitoring to identify bridge natural frequencies using sensors on a passing train
S.R. Lorenzen, H. Berthold, M. Rupp, L. Schmeiser, E. Apostolidi , J. Schneider, J. Brötzmann, C.D. Thiele and U. Rüppel

Data fusion and machine learning for bridge damage detection
H. Wang, G. Barone and A. Smith

MS13 Part I - Advances in Bridge Monitoring Strategies: Novel Technologies and Information Fusion
organized by Chul-Woo Kim, Yi Zhang, Mehrisadat Makki Alamdari and Patrick McGetrick
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Chul-Woo Kim
Co-Chair: Javier Fernando Jiménez Alonso

Image registration for bridge defect growth tracking
J Bush, J Bennetts, J Ninic, S Denton, G Thermou and P Hill

Point cloud registration for bridge defect tracking in as-built models
J Bush, J Bennetts, J Ninic, S Denton, G Thermou and P Hill

Deep learning monitoring of the Z24 benchmark bridge
V Giglioni, I Venanzi, V Poggioni, A Milani and F Ubertini

Bridge damage detection utilizing dynamic force obtained from moving vehicle acceleration
Soichi Hasegawa, Chul-W Kim, Kai-Ch Chang and Naoya Toshi

Bridge frequency identification from multiple moving-vehicle dynamics using cross-spectrum method.
Xuzhao Lu, Limin Sun, C.W. Kim, K.C. Chang and Zhuora Han

Bridge Indirect Monitoring Using Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP)
M. Makki Alamdari, P. Cheema, K.C. Chang, C.W. Kim and M Sugiyama

MS10 Part I - Emerging digital technologies toward resilient and sustainable bridges
organized by Stergios Aristoteles Mitoulis, Maria Pregnolato, Sotirios Argyroudis and Maria Pina Limongelli
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Stergios Aristoteles Mitoulis
Co-Chair: Maria Pina Limongelli

Using Interpretable Machine Learning for Data-Driven Decision Support for Infrastructure Operation & Maintenance
E.N. Chatzi, I. Abdallah, K. Tatsis, S. Osmani and I. Robles

New and emerging digital technologies for bridge inspection and monitoring: a perspective from European Research
K. Gkoumas and F.L. Marques dos Santos

UAV-enabled flood damage assessment and recovery monitoring of bridges following Medicane Ianos
M. Loli, J. Manousakis, S. Mitoulis and D. Zekkos

A survey of emerging technologies for the future of routine visual inspection of bridge structures
D.T. Nepomuceno, P.J. Vardanega, T. Tryfonas, M. Pregnolato, G.T. Webb and J. Bennetts

Scour monitoring for railway assets (UK)
M. Pregnolato, G. Gavriel, D. Thompson, M. Anderson, I. Fox and K. Giles

Information supported resilience management of bridges
Z.I. Turksezer, M.P. Limongelli and M.H. Faber

SS1 - Bridge Weigh-in-Motion: technology developments and applications for maintenance
organized by Daniel Cantero
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Daniel Cantero

Moving point load approximation for BWIM
D. Cantero

Using B-WIM system-generated performance indicators to support model updating of a multi-span viaduct
D. Hekic, A. Anzlin, M. Kreslin, J. Kalin and A. Znidaric

Axle-load-estimation based on strain of transverse stiffener and characteristics of traffic loads due to heavy trucks
E. Yamaguchi and Y. Furusato

Application of a modular bridge weigh-in-motion system on an orthotropic bridge deck
J.D. Rodenburg, S.H.J. van Es, J.H. Paulissen, M.P. de Bakker and S.T. Hengeveld

Using Bridge Weigh-in-Motion Concepts for the Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges
S. Wang, D.P. McCrum and E.J. OBrien

Uncertainty Quantification of axle weight estimated by Bayesian Bridge Weigh-In-Motion
K. Maruyama, I. Yoshida, H. Sekiya and S. Mustafa

General Session 3 (Part VI) - Evaluation and Assessment ThM5
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Robby Caspeele
Co-Chair: Rolands Kromanis

Hydrological and seismic fragility curves in common highway bridges
José G Cruz-Vargas, M Cons Gómez Soberón, David De León-Escobedo and Claudi Rojas-Serna

Field Evaluation of Pipe-Tie System in Limiting the Girder Rotation during Bridge Deck Construction
L.H. Hui, F.H. Hraib, M.V. Vicente and R.H. Hindi

Influence of model error on Bayesian updating of the corrosion degree of a skewed reinforced concrete girder bridge
E. Vereecken, W. Botte, G. Lombaert and R. Caspeele

Investigation towards adaptation of a pipeline structure to function as a bridge
T. Kaminski, J. Bien, M. Kliński and A. Mróz

Fatigue evaluation for root cracks in U-rib to deck welded joints of orthotropic steel decks
M.H. Hattori, K.T. Tateishi, T.H. Hanji and M.S. Shimizu

Fatigue strength enhancement of welded joints in existing steel bridges using high-frequency mechanical impact treatment
Takesh Hanji, Kazuo Tateishi, Suguru Kano and Masaru Shimizu

General Session 5 (Part II) - Repair and Strengthening ThM6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Matias Valenzuela
Co-Chair: Carlos Jurado

New Solutions for Repair of Submerged Piles and Bulkheads
Mo Ehsani

Cabrianes Bridge Widening across the “Llobregat” River (Barcelona, Spain)
B. Domínguez and B. Martín

Ratcheting behaviour of austenitic and lean duplex stainless steel in fatigue tests
E. Horisawa, K. Sugiura, Y. Kitane and Y. Goi

Implementation of GRDR methodology on the Quillota Bridge, Chile. A heritage review analysis
M.A. Valenzuela, A. Peña-Fritz, A. Paz, H. Pinto, L. Jorquera and P. Moraga

Latest developments in replacing external post-tensioning tendons
E. Vonk, A. Bonetto and A. Schwarz

Experimental Study on Construction Technology of Viaduct Regeneration in Downtown Districts
X. Zhou, X. Yan and L. Zhou

Major repair of La Bauma Viaduct
B. Bellavista

13:00 - 14:00
Lunch break

14:00 - 14:30
Keynote Lectures IV
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Jose Turmo
Co-Chair: Michel Ghosn

About recent bridge failures
P.G. Malerba

14:30 - 16:00
MS4 Part IV - Novel techniques regarding the assessment and monitoring of bridges
organized by Alfred Strauss and Dan Frangopol
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Alfred Strauss
Co-Chair: Túlio Bittencourt

Efficiency and effectiveness evaluation of post-tensioned prestressed bridge girders by concrete relaxation tests.
A. Lupoi and F. Alessio

The Use of Artificial Intelligence for Assessing an Overpass affected by Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR).
A. Bezerra, C. Trottier, L.F.M. Sanchez and B. Fournier

Bridge Deck Characterization for Condition Assessment
I. N Al Shaini, J Carson and A Trias-Blanco

Data Based Approach for Predicting Future Values of Bridge components’ Condition Ratings
SK Kameshwar and MM Mia

MS13 Part II - Advances in Bridge Monitoring Strategies: Novel Technologies and Information Fusion
organized by Chul-Woo Kim, Yi Zhang, Mehrisadat Makki Alamdari and Patrick McGetrick
Room: Sala Actes
Chair: Chul-Woo Kim
Co-Chair: Daigo Kawabe

Review and Development of Post Tensioned Bridge Inspection Technologies
C. Mundell and C.R. Hendy

SHM deployments for two bridge structures: assessing potential value
D.T. Nepomuceno, P.J. Vardanega, T. Tryfonas, M. Pregnolato, G.T. Webb, J. Bennetts, A. Foster, L. Augustine and M. Holland

Feasibility study on distributed fiber optic vibration sensing for bridge health monitoring
M. Petladwala, T. Hino and C.W. Kim

Data-driven bridge damage detection using multiple passing vehicles responses
M .Z. Sarwar and Daniel Cantero

Research Data Management of Structural Health Monitoring Projects and Subsequent Applications of Artificial Intelligence Methods
P. Simon, R. Herrmann, R. Schneider, F. Hille, M. Baeßler and R. El-Athman

Bayesian damage detection on full-scale pole structure with anchor bolt tension loosening
D. Kawabe, C. W. Kim and Y. Goi

Structural monitoring of PC bridges under construction based on the measurable data
S. Morichika, H. Sekiya, K. Nakashima, I. Yoshida, H. Iwaki and T. Toshinami

MS10 Part II - Emerging digital technologies toward resilient and sustainable bridges
organized by Stergios Aristoteles Mitoulis, Maria Pregnolato, Sotirios Argyroudis and Maria Pina Limongelli
Room: Room VS208
Chair: Maria Pina Limongelli
Co-Chair: Maria Pregnolato

On the digital twinning of routine load tests in railway bridges. Case Study: High Speed Railway Network, Extremadura, Spain
R Chacón, H Posada, C Ramonell, P Sierra, A Rodriguez, I Koulalis, R Tomar, S Wagmeister, S Freitag and M Teodorovic

Low-Cost Accurate Acceleration Acquisition Sensor
Seyedm KomarizadehAsl, Mahyad Komary, Fidel Lozano, Victor Torralba, Jose A Lozano-galant and Jose Turmo

From Point Clouds to Capacity Assessment of Corroded Steel Bridges
G. Tzortzinis, C. Ai, S.F. Brena and S. Gerasimidis

A review of the Digital Twin in the AEC sector in the context of application.
J. Brötzmann, C.-D. Thiele, U. Rüppel, S. R. Lorenzen, H. Berthold and J. Schneider

SS3 - Life-Cycle Performance Safety, Reliability, and Risk of Bridges and Infrastructure Systems under Climate Change
organized by Fabio Biondini, Zoubir Lounis and Michel Ghosn
Room: Room VS217
Chair: Michel Ghosn

Risk-based Design and Safety Assessment of Structures in a Changing Climate
M. Ghosn and B. R. Ellingwood

On an early warning model based on extensive sets for the operational safety of ISTB
Tao LI, Yae HUANG, Hanqin YANG and Jing XIANG

Reliability-Based Design of Structures under Non-Stationary Climate Conditions
Mahesh Pandey and Zoubir Lounis

Network- and bridge- level management under uncertainties associated with climate change
M. Sasidharan, A.K. Parlikad and J. Schooling

Risk-based scour assessment of bridges: Italian VS French guidelines
P.F. Giordano, Z.I. Turksezer and M.P. Limongelli

Reliability-Based Calibration of Wind Load for Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code by Considering Climate Change Effects
H.P. Hong, D. Kennedy, Z. Lounis, D. Gagnon and D. Evans

General Session 3 (Part VII) - Evaluation and Assessment ThE5
Room: Room VS218
Chair: Jose Antonio Lozano-Galant
Co-Chair: Carlos Jurado

Analysis of a ship collision accident to a protective island by CEL approach
GH Lee

Research on Sunshine Temperature Field Distribution of Concrete Hollow Column
F. Li, W. Lu and W. Peng

Large-scale OT-slab tests: Laboratory measurements and evaluation
C.O.C. Christensen, P.S.H. Halding, J.W.S. Schmidt and P.G. Goltermann

Neutral Axis Position as a Means for Identifying Damage in Cable-Stayed Bridges
C Aloupis, M.J. Chajes and H.W. Shenton

Fragility analysis of skew bridges involving frictional deck-abutment pounding under earthquakes
Z. Shi, N. Jin, Q. Yue, D. Jin and W. Chen

General Session 5 (Part III) - Repair and Strengthening ThE6
Room: Room VS219
Chair: Javier Pascual Ramos
Co-Chair: Alessandro Greco

Field Implementations of a Novel UHPC Beam End Repair on Steel Girder Bridges in Connecticut, USA
A. H. Hain and A.E.Z Esmaili Zaghi

The use of cement grout for corrosion protection of external tendons
G. Ramírez and R. Annan

Evaluation of interfacial debonding of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Using Variable Angle Peel Test
I. Fowai, M. Noël , B. Martin-Perez and L. Sanchez

Study on strengthening effect of a steel I girder with web-patch plates focusing on the bolt pitch and patch plate length
Kento Ishida, Takash Yamaguchi, Takash Matsumoto and Gen Hayashi

Structural monitoring during structural repair of cable-stayed bridges. Experience of Arena Bridge
F. Collazos-Arias, D. Garcia-Sanchez and A. Gaute-Alonso

The effectiveness of viscous dampers in the seismic retrofitting project of an italian cantilever bridge
A. Lupoi and A. Greco

16:00 - 16:30
Closing Ceremony