Special Sessions

[SS03] Life-Cycle Performance Safety, Reliability, and Risk of Bridges and Infrastructure Systems under Climate Change

[SS07] Intelligent monitoring and maintenance of bridges

[SS12] BRIDGE|50 Research Project: Experimental Testing on a 50-Year-Old PC Bridge

[SS13] Risk-Based Prioritization and Monitoring of Bridges for Road Infrastructure Management in Lombardy Region, Italy

Special Sessions

Fabio Biondini

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Structural deterioration of bridges and infrastructure facilities is a major problem in most developed countries, including Italy, because many bridges have passed or are about to reach 50 years of lifetime and are rapidly approaching the end of the service life. The scale of bridge repair or replacement needs is particularly large and represents a key obstacle to sustainable development of countries. Life-cycle management of aging bridges and infrastructure systems is hence a high priority and public authorities need specific criteria, methodologies, and tools to inform the decision-making process for rational allocation of available resources and efficient prioritization of bridge maintenance and repair interventions. To face these needs, a research agreement between Regione Lombardia and Politecnico di Milano has been established in 2018 to define criteria and guidelines for maintenance and management of the regional roadway infrastructure. The project is aimed at developing a risk-based bridge maintenance prioritization methodology using available documentary sources of technical information and taking into account the impact of traffic delay and road network downtime. The proposed approach has been applied to a sample of about 400 bridges located along the main regional routes. Furthermore, to complement information from risk assessment, monitoring systems have been designed and implemented on nine exemplary bridges and are currently collecting data. This Special Session will report on the main research advances and application outcomes of the project, with emphasis on the development of the regional bridge inventory, implementation of the risk assessment and bridge prioritization procedure at regional scale, and exploitation of bridge monitoring results for optimal infrastructure management.