Invited Sessions

Plenary lectures will be complemented by Invited Sessions organized by recognised experts in targeted research areas and members of the IASS Working Groups. Contributions to these sessions are by invitation of the organizers.

Persons willing to organize an Invited Session on a specific topic are kindly requested to send their proposal to the conference secretariat.

The preliminary list of confirmed Invited Sessions follows:

Actual structural behavior of form found and analytical thin shells (IASS WG 5)
Sigrid Adriaenssens
Princeton University, USA
Stefano Gabriele
Rome Tre University, Italy

Adaptive Lightweight Structures
Knut Göppertand and Christoph Paech
Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Germany

Additive manufacturing of architectural components
Paulo Cruz and Bruno Figueiredo
University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal

Artificial intelligence & structural design
Alberto Pugnale / Gabriele Mirra
Melbourne School of Design MSD, Australia

Bio-inspiration for structural forms
Olivier Baverel
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France
Victor Charpentier and Sigrid Adriaenssens
Princeton University, USA

Celebrating the work of Mike Barnes
Chris Williams
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Paul Shepherd
University of Bath, UK

Contributions in Memory of David P. Billington
Maria E. M. Garlock, Sigrid M. Adriaenssens
Princeton University, USA
John F. Abel
Cornell University, USA

Design and analysis of bending-active structures (IASS WG 15)
C. Gengnagel / Julian Lienhard
Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany

Detailing - Case studies - Installation process
Josep Ignasi Llorens
UPC, School of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain
Günther H. Filz
Aalto University, Finland

Documenting the Multiple Forces Affecting Form of Historical Structures
Romuald Tarczewski
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
Ed Saliklis
California Polytechnic State University, USA

Embracing inter-/crossdisciplinarity through new roles, methods and tools for design and fabrication of spatial structures (IASS WG 20)
Olga Popovic Larsen
KADK, Denmark
University of Surrey, UK

Energy-efficient membrane building envelopes
Lars Schiemann and Karsten Moritz
MUAS Munich / TAIYO Europe GmbH, Germany

Form-finding/force-finding of tension structures using novel computational methods (IASS WG13)
Yao Chen
Southest University, China
Jingyao Zhang
Nagoya City University, Japan
Makoto Ohsaki
Kyoto University, Japan

Form and Force Expo Pavillions (IASS WG 21)
Arno Pronk
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
John Orr
University of Cambridge, UK

Form and force in bio-based structures and architecture (IASS WG 12)
Andreas Falk
KTH Civil and Architectural Engineering, Sweden

Improving the life cycle and environmental impact of structures (IASS WG 18)
Petr Vegh
exp Services Inc. Canada

Innovative solutions to practical problems
Adam Bown
Tensys Consultants Limited, UK

Layout and topology optimization of building structures
Paul Shepard
University of Bath, UK
Matthew Gilbert
University of Sheffield, UK
Jacek Gondzio
University of Edinburgh, UK

Life-cycle design & assessment of structures (IASS WG 18)
Olivier Baverel
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France
Corentin Fivet
EPFL, Switzerland

Jose M. Adam
ICITECH, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia

Membrane Buildings and Sustainability
Wujun Chen
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Paolo Beccarelli
The University of Nottingham, UK

New Material
Thomas Stegmaier and Andreas Kunze
ITV Denkendorf, Germany

Numerical Methods and Modeling for Lightweight Structures
Falko Dieringer
hft Stuttgart / TragForm Ingenieure GmbH, Germany
Benedikt Philipp
BPR Dr. Schäpertöns Consult GmbH, Germany

Opportunities in tensile architecture
Heidrun Bögner-Balz
DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Germany

Optimization Driven Architectural Design of Structures
Charis J. Gantes and Nikos Lagaros
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Principles and case studies of membrane assembly
Lars Schiemann and Karsten Moritz
MUAS Munich / TAIYO Europe GmbH, Germany

Pressurized membrane structures: analysis and applications
Ruy Pauletti
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Olek Niewiarowski and Sigrid Adriaenssens
Princeton University, USA

Reliability Analysis of membrane structure
Marijke Mollaert
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BE
Peter Gosling
Newcastle University, UK

Stability and Dynamics of Metal Gridshell Structures (IASS WG 8)
Toru Takeuchi
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japon
Su-Duo Xue
Beijing University of Technology, China
Shiro Kato
Tokyohashi University of Technology, Japan
Charis Gantes
National Technical University of Athens br>Chris Stutzki
Stutzki Engineering, Inc., USA



Textile and foil synergies and advances in shell and membrane structures
Peter Gosling
Newcastle University, UK

Textile hybrids
C. Gengnagel / Julian Lienhard
Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany

The next generation of parametric design
Jeroen Coenders
White Lioness technologies, Netherlands

Wind Engineering and Fluid-structure Interaction
Roland Wüchner and Kai-Uwe Bletzinger
TUM University, Germany
Riccardo Rossi
CIMNE, Spain

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