IASS Hangai Prize

Hangai Prizes annually recognize talented young researchers, designers, and engineers under 30 working in the field of shell and/or spatial structures. This recognition is achieved by selecting outstanding submissions to the Annual IASS Symposium in the form of research papers, resumes of design projects, or presentations of innovative ideas.

How to Apply for the 17th Hangai Prize, 2019

To apply formally for the Hangai Prize, conform to all three of the following steps.  (Please be reminded that both the abstract and the full paper must have the applicant as the first or sole author and that each document must conform to the required lengths and format using the templates available on the symposium website.)

  1. Submission of the abstract to the symposium website: Using the session code 84 designated for the Hangai Prize competition, upload a one-page abstract to the symposium upload site no later than the deadline of 15 February 2019.  Note that acceptance of the abstract by the symposium scientific committee is a precondition for the next step.
  2. After the abstract has been accepted, upload the full paper and the completed Hangai Prize entry form to the  Hangai Prize online application and uploading website no later than 31 March 2019 (two months earlier than the symposium deadline) for review by the Hangai Prize committee.
  3. In addition, the applicant must upload the full paper to the symposium uploading site no later than 31 May 2019 for review by the symposium scientific committee.

Please check the conditions for applicants and other instructions in the Hangai Prize website here. And a list of past Hangai Prize winners is here.

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