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Logistical Information

Tarragona, located in the northeastern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, is Catalonia's southernmost capital city.

Well-connected to Europe and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula, it offers easy access to two airports: the first in Reus, just 7 kilometres away, and the second in Barcelona, 82 kilometres away. It also has direct rail links to all major Spanish and European capitals.

What's more, the city is home to one of the busiest commercial ports in the Mediterranean, as well as Puerto Tarraco, a stopover for luxury cruise ships.

Tarragona also marks the junction of two major Spanish motorways, the Mediterranean Motorway, which runs from Alacant to France and the rest of Europe, and the Northern Motorway, which begins in Tarragona and runs through to the Basque Country.

It is recommended that conference participants of different countries check on the status of Visas required.

Tarragona has a temperate climate, with an average yearly temperature of 18ºC, 25ºC in summer and 12ºC in winter. In September the weather is reasonably warm and sunny; although, there are usually some days of rain during this month.

The official currency is the euro (€). Coins have the following values: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and 1 and 2 euros. Bills have the following denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros. Money can be exchanged at any bank or saving banks, which you will find opened in the mornings, from 8-8:30 am until 2 pm, from Monday till Friday. There are also plenty of ATMs available for cash withdrawals open 24 hours.

Public Hospitals
Rambla Vella, 14
0034 977 25 99 00
C/ Dr. Mallafré Guasch s/n
0034 977 29 58 00
Private Clinics
C/ López Peláez, 15
0034 977 22 50 12
C/ Pin i Soler, 12
0034 977 23 30 12
Police Stations
C/Prat de la Riba, 37
0034 977 24 03 45
Pl. d'Orleans s/n
0034 977 24 98 44
Emergencies: 091
MOSSOS D'ESQUADRA (Regional Police)
Plaça de Frederic Escofet i Alsina, s/n
0034 977 63 53 00
Emergencies: 088
C/ Maria Aurèlia Capmany, s/n
0034 977 23 77 77
Emergencies: 062
Emergencies Telephone: 112

Tarragona is a small town that doesn't require public transport to go from one side to another, so is perfectly possible to walk everywhere in the town. Despite this, in order to facilitate transportation within Tarragona, the Municipal Transportation Agency operates twenty-one bus lines during the day and also at night. As a result, you are never more than a short ride away from any street, neighborhood or beach in the city.

If you travel by car, traffic in downtown Tarragona tends to be smooth, except in the most central areas at rush hour. If you stay in the Ciutat de Tarragona Hotel, you will be able to park in its parking with no extra fee. In case you want to move within Tarragona by car, although it isn't recommended, you will have the possibility to park in "blue zones" which are in many streets and at different rates. A network of public and private parking facilities has also been created, allowing drivers to leave their vehicles just minutes away from any central point. You will find a list of the different parkings in the city in the webpage:

There are also taxi services, and it is possible to hire cars in case of necessity. In the webpage cited you will also find information about car hire companies and taxi services.

For the mid-conference fieldtrip outside Tarragona, transport will be arranged.

To go from the Barcelona airport to the hotel, you have two options:

- You can go by train to Barcelona, change at the Barcelona Sants Station, and there take a second train to Tarragona. From the Tarragona train station to the hotel there are 25 minutes on foot. To consult the trains timetable go to:

- Or you can go by bus through the coach company PLANA by taking a bus in the airport that goes to the Bus Station in Tarragona which is next to the AIG-9 hotel. At your arrival in Tarragona you must get off the bus at the Tarragona Central Bus Station and you will find the Ciutat de Tarragona Hotel at the same main square.

The timetable of the bus that goes from the Barcelona airport to Tarragona is the one below:

The timetable of the bus that goes from Tarragona to the Barcelona airport is the one below:

Here are the main websites you can visit to have extra information:

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