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Keynote Lecturers

Keynote Lectures will be delivered by scientists of international prestige in the field of the conference.

Kai-Uwe Bletzinger, TU München, Germany
Numerical simulation and design of Membrane Structures

Bernd Kröplin, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Fracture of Membranes Simulated by Discrete Elements 

Rolf Luchsinger, Empa - Center for Synergetic Structures, Switzerland
Recent Progress in the R&D of Tensairity

Eugenio Oñate, CIMNE/UPC, Spain
Finite Element Technology for Analysis of Textile Membranes and Inflatable Structure   
Mauro Pedretti, Airlight Ltd., Switzerland Membranes Structures for Solar Thermal Power Generation Thomas Stegmaier, ITV, Germany Biologically inspired Fibre-Based Materials Rosemarie Wagner, FHM, Germany Multifunctionality of Membranes
David Wakefield,Tensys, UK Inflatable Membrane Structures in Architecture and Aerospace - Some Recent Projects

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